Essos Dev Diary – Ruins & Colonisation

It’s been a couple of months since we announced Essos, and progress is coming along rather nicely. Our history setup is almost done (minus the Dothraki) and we are starting to implement some new mechanics, such as Galle’s slavery system, as well as adjusting existing ones to account for a new continent.

Today I’ll go into some more detail on our ruins and colonisation mechanics. As said in our first diary many provinces are now portrayed as ruins. They provide no manpower or income and cannot be conquered conventionally. There are currently numerous ruins across the map, examples include the ancient cities of The Rhoynar, Sar Mell, Old Ghis, the Isle of Cedars, the cities of Sothoryos, Oldstones and Summerhall.

Whilst they cannot be attacked they can be colonised, this is achieved by a special casus belli. You have to either neighbour or be within 2 sea provinces of the ruin to colonise it, and it also costs 1000 gold to start up.

You then have to move an army to the ruin, enforce a ‘peace’, (which is easy as ruins have no levies or garrisions) and finally establish the colony. The size of the colony depends on the size of the ruin, and will provide no income and troops for many years. Your vassals and kin cannot ask for this ruin, so you do no need to worry about keeping it in your demesne. Meanwhile various events can happen in the colony:

The natives may also get pissed at you for trying to enforce your will upon them:

You will also want to protect your colonies, as they are liable to fall back into ruin, with all investment lost, if subject to a siege or mismanagement:

The time it takes for the colony to be fully built depends on the size of the colony (larger colonies take more time) and the stewardship skill of your ruler. Having your steward oversee contruction there will also speed things up. Also bear in mind the costs and other elements are subject to balancing.

Please feel free to ask questions, or suggest any flavour events that could happen for your colonies!

If you have questions about this DD :

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10 thoughts on “Essos Dev Diary – Ruins & Colonisation

  1. Tolk

    How much time until this update comes? *-*

  2. kodo

    waiting is becomşng harder every poss you made. just give me a date. And thank you soooo much for making such a awsome mod. you are the best!

  3. WildWalrus

    I assume you already have dragon events for the colonies?
    Ones like ‘your builders find a dragon egg while trying to build the foundations’
    etc etc

  4. JOHN

    I’d like to report a bug… when I was playing the scenario “Feast of Crows” as Jon Snow, I accepted Stannis’ offer to make me Lord Paramouth of the North and won the war. I executed both Roose and Ramsay and played on until I appearently was impriosned by MYSELF, it said I was imprisoned ’cause some kind of god-crap with the reply: “Will I ever see light again?!”
    Nothing happened after I pressed the button and I haven’t been imprisoned by myself. It basically did nothing and is probably just a minor bug.

    • JOHN

      Update: I’ve noticed, I’ve got the “In the dungeon” trait… So:
      Diplomacy -10
      Health -1

  5. JOHN

    Oh yea, and also I’ve noticed that when I am requested a trial by combat by my prisoners, and I choose to handle it myself and win, forcing my opponent into submission, it says at the time of judgement: “You watch with glee as Lord Paramouth Jon Snow drives his sword reletnlessly at…”
    Yea, I think Jon has issues…

  6. JOHN

    Wow, Stannis is awesome! He made me Warden of the North, East and South! Waiting for the West now…

    • JOHN

      And there is is, Warden of the West. Great, Warden of the realm!

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