[Release] A game of Thrones 0.9.2

Patch 0.9.2 Notes
Way of Life and foci have been adapted for the mod in this version, any of the vanilla foci can now be selected and used by all rulers. Other additions include a new Great Council event chain, and a mega war rework which allows custom empries to be created. Some effort has also gone into fixing bugs, so hopefully stability should be improved.

– Updated mod for patch 2.3.2
– Way of Life and foci adapted for the mod
– Added a Great Council event chain/decision to decide a kingdom’s heir when the succession is unclear
– More more changes from World of Ice and Fire, including Bone Mountains improvements

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.


Link : Click HERE

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14 thoughts on “[Release] A game of Thrones 0.9.2

  1. Hi, I can’t find the mod in steam workshop?

  2. drownedman

    Does it work for version 2.2 with all the DLCs installed?

  3. Does it work with update 2.3.3? If it don’t, how do I reverse the update?

  4. Bik

    I am having some issues. I cannot click on providence’s or drag and select armies.

    • Bik

      That problem has disappeared. Now all the flags are black like night’s watch.

  5. Grigg23

    For some reason almost all the provinces in tge reach have no holder.

  6. Nev

    Do you have the same problem with king’s landing province which has no owner when you start a new gamme ? (sorry for my bad english)

  7. Yamtsok

    Dont install it, lot of crashes.

  8. Jim

    Are any expansions required to play the mod or experience it fully?

  9. romani

    I love this mode! please make more updates and improvements! i would love to donate if you guys have a donation page!

  10. Sven

    Is it possible this doesn’t work with 2.3.4? Have tried to start games both single player, multiplayer, tried to load games. And every single time, the game crashed…

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