WordPress Update

We on the mod team haven’t updated here in a while, apologies to anyone who follows the mod here!

We have decided that we will not continue to update this blog with mod news from now on, mainly because we feel we have an adequate number of other platforms for the mod.

Going forward please visit either of our forums below for up to date news and discussion on the mod:

The Citadel

Paradox Plaza (CK2 registration required)

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[Release] A Game of Thrones 0.9.6

Patch 0.9.6 Notes
The Westerosi portion of the World and Ice and Fire is now complete, all new information should be present in the mod. There is, as usual, many other fixes and improvements, including:

– Blackfyre Rebellion adjustments
– Added an experimental change to the ACOK bookmark, it now starts from renly’s death so that the tyrells and lannisters can support the Iron throne in all of its wars
– The flags of the Iron Throne and The Seven Kingdoms can now change dynamically if a traditional great house owns them

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.


Link : Click HERE

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Crusader kings II update from 25/03

As Rajas of India has been released the mod isn’t compatible at the moment.

Still you can play it by reverting to the last beta with steam (2.x).

The mod is compatible right now but we are aiming to add new features before unleashing the update, it will also come on the workshop.


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Stop playing in french for a while / Arrêter de jouer en Français !

The nasty bug where all the pop ups are spamming the screen seems to happen to french speakers only.

traduction : joueurs français, le bug des pop ups qui spamment l’écran vient de la langue pour je ne sais quelle raison. Donc jouez en anglais en attendant, desolé mais allez bruler paradox 🙂

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Crusader Kings 2: Stupid friends won’t play, learn from their mistake. Please?


Not Quite American

A little while ago I advertised the sale of Crusader Kings 2 at 75% off.

The reason I did that is not just because of my love for the company; don’t get me wrong, I do support Paradox and all their endeavours – I buy pretty much every damn DLC they release because I always know it’s going to be good. I had a more selfish reason to display it though. I want my friend to buy it.

This game is… Good. It is so good. And yet, somehow, it is so damn niche that a lot of people either haven’t heard of it or just simply don’t care! Why?!

Whilst at work the other day – menial phone surveys; hey, a guy’s gotta eat – I was perusing the CK2 forums as I usually do. A member of the cleaning staff put his face next to mine, paused for…

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Introducing the mod’s soundtrack

To help you waiting for next update, here is the list of tracks for the OST :

  • Tracklist :
    Main Title
    We do not sow
    The North
    Arys the mad
    Do not wake the dragon
    What is dead may never die
    Winter is coming
    After the reaving
    Ours is the fury
    We pay our debts
    The Titan of Braavos
    We pay our debts
    King in the north
    protecting the realm
    Cat of the canals
    The Hound
    The Kinsguard
    The Eyries
    Jorah the Andal
    The Crowned stag
    Arya Underfoot
    The Free Folk
    The Spider
    As High As Honor
    The Kraken’s Daughter
    The Golden Company
    The Viper of Dorne
    Growing Strong

I hope you will find it as awesome as we do

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Beware steam users : update is coming 14th


As you know, the mod won’t be compatible with the next update before some days

If you want to keep playing CK2:AGOT mod

It appears that turning of steam updates doesn’t work 100 %, so you need to copy your folder (before the update) elsewhere and just launch the game from this folder.

It works because Paradox doesn’t put DRM on their games, so with that move :

  • You can play normal ck2 with latest patch and DlC’s
  • You can play A game of thrones with 1.08 (current version)
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Pc gamer nominates us

Hi everyone, 

It seems we have been nominated by Pc gamer to be the “mod of the year’.

This is great news, the other mods are 


Black Mesa: Source
Crusader Kings II: A Game of Thrones
The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod


Anyway that is good to be known for what we do. 

On  an other note, we habe been 136th mod in modDB, that was close, thanks everybody for voting.

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Republics incoming

So it seems Paradox announced their Republic DLC, well, we wanted it. This is by far the most useful DLC for us. Also really ambitious in gameplay terms.

As it won’t come out until end of January (based on paradox’s calendar), we need to remain calm. 

We have started to design Essos, but don’t expect it before the DLC is released. 

If you can’t wait to play with the whole world, I’d like to link you the submod from Toccs : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic1792.html

Other news now, we are planning to release a stability update soon, don’t ask us when.



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Mod of the year Award

Hi everybody, 


We learned that Moddb has launched it’s yearly “mod of the year award”. 


You can vote for us if you like, here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/crusader-kings-2-a-game-of-thrones-ck2agot

Good day

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