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[Release] A game of Thrones 0.9

Patch 0.9 Notes
This update is the first step in intregrating all the new information from The World of Ice Fire. Many database additions/updates have been added, plus lots of tweaks, balances and events. Also many changes have been adapted from the latest vanilla patch.

Highlights include:
– Vassal limit added, which varies with Crown Authority
– Characters can go into hiding, also adapted existing siege hiding events for the new trait
– Can form custom kingdoms (empires not available yet)
– Wildling reflavour
– Many World of Ice and Fire updates

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.
– Charlemagne DLC Note: Adds the chronicle, custom kingdoms (existing titular kingdoms are still available without DLC) and a ‘hero knight’ flavour event

Download and comments :

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