[Release] A Game of Thrones 0.9.6

Patch 0.9.6 Notes
The Westerosi portion of the World and Ice and Fire is now complete, all new information should be present in the mod. There is, as usual, many other fixes and improvements, including:

– Blackfyre Rebellion adjustments
– Added an experimental change to the ACOK bookmark, it now starts from renly’s death so that the tyrells and lannisters can support the Iron throne in all of its wars
– The flags of the Iron Throne and The Seven Kingdoms can now change dynamically if a traditional great house owns them

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.


Link : Click HERE

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17 thoughts on “[Release] A Game of Thrones 0.9.6

  1. Amon

    for some reason i cant see any flags with the new 2.3.5 update for Crusader Kings II

  2. jakie

    it crashes and now i can’t load my save file pls help

  3. Francis

    For what patch is this? 2.3.2?

    • Nein, nur Haadichnesren und Ohren gestern – das ging ruck zuck. Und geschwätzt wird beim nächsten Mal – gestern habe ich mich ganz dem Vergnügen der Show hingegeben. 🙂

    • Well, maybe not so much aerobics, but let’s just say: once I get the licensing arrangements worked out, I’m gonna be the of academia. Amanda, your check for that additional step went out with this morning’s mail.Of course, I’m not nearly as photogenic as Billy Blanks, so my attorney is working on getting to do the video — ideally in those super-cool sunglasses of his.

  4. kolokolo

    when it will be new patch???? for 2.4 ck2

  5. player

    when will the patch be launched??!

  6. SnowSwift

    Awwww just downloaded it but wont start with CK 2.4.4


      same probleme here^^

      • Hi! LaehTn,urank you for your very kind remarks. With enthusiastic subscribers like you and angel investors that we are looking for, our team wants to develop this website into a versatile unique social network. There will be many more options and choices for people to connect to one another that is comfortable for them than has ever been offered before. Please visit us often. Thanks again for your support.

      • Valerio Lalli scrive:Un sito veramnete interessante che permette di rimanere sempre aggiornati sugli eventi che coinvolgono a mio parere la piattaforma più efficiente e affidabile da sempre! Il mainframe non è una tecnologia vecchia e dstinata a sparire al contrario, continuerà ad esistere nel futuro data la sua efficienza e affidabilità!

  7. guybro

    I was in the same position. If you have Steam go into your library, right click Crusader Kings, select properties, go into the betas tab, and select an older version.

  8. Gobler the Goble

    wen we will rwcive an update???

  9. Gobler the Goble

    is this mod dead???

  10. Lord Talmage

    go into steam library and right click ck2 then click properties… go to the betas tab an select an older version of ck2 and voila it works.

  11. JimmyBob

    Is this mod alive?

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