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[Release] A game of Thrones 0.6

Patch 0.6 Notes

Dragons and Dothraki are the highlights of this update. The Dothraki Sea is no longer inactive, Dothraki Khals now being fully playable. They work quite differently from other characters, so reading the manual entry on them is advised! Also the CTD problems should be mostly fixed now.

– Dothraki now fully playable- please see manual for details
– Dragons are now characters rather than traits. Most events and decisions reworked to reflect this. other Dragon changes include:
– Unlanded Dragon Riders can now can on duchy adventures
– Dragon riders can now choose sides in mega wars like small Lords
– Revamped dragon duels, there can now be multiple dragons on each side and they are also more deadly

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.

Please do not report bugs here, and suggestions are to be given on the dev forum. (link below)

Download link :

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