A youtube sneakpeak of Essos

Here is a mega treat : youtube video letsplay ! Remember it comes out the 17th !

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The moddb contest : second phase

Mod of the Year Awards

Hi mates,
It seems we have passed the first step of the moddb contest, so we are in the top 100.

That’s a good news for grand strategy gaming, but it’s not over yet. In roughly 10 days, the final winners will be shown, and game of thrones has it’s chances. 

You may vote fot AGOT  if you like us, if you played countless hours or if you don’t want to see DayZ win 🙂

Oh and Essos is still coming soonish !
Happy end of the week

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MODD mod of the year award 2013

Hi fellows,

As the mod is in testing stage for the 2.0.1 compatibility, Moddb is launching it’s yearly contest for the “mod of the Year”.

Last time we were just in time and didn’t get a lot of votes, but this time we should be in the top 100 quite easily (maybe even in top 10 😉 )

So if you have a moddb account and want to give your unique vote to us, we will be extremely pleased !

Here is the link :

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fix for frenchies is here!nYFWECIY!amdowC1nyZUFN2MCNYmBRQ4zQZpCj44sPnAYthXwvA0

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Discover Wars and Battles


No dev diary today, but I would like to help some fellows that are struggling to kickstart their game.

Wars and Battles is an ambitious project that will bring very complex wargames on PC, smartphones, tablets.

Details are on their kickstarter page :

Hope I wasn’t too long, next ESSOS dev diary should come before the end of August, and also Europa Universalis IV from paradox is coming in 24 H, that may reduce the productivity of some team members 🙂


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Wrong versions


As many people were downloading the wrong version, I just updated the download page. Last version is 0.4.6, as featured in a news below.

Latest version is always here :

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Essos Dev diary : Slavery I

The societies of Essos stand on different foundations from those of Westeros. To them, Westerosi serfdom and feudalism is utterly barbaric. Democracy may be rare in Westeros, but across the Narrow Sea, it thrives. None of which, however, is to say that the people of Essos lack their own demons. This is the land of the Valyrian Freehold, of the Great Cities of the Ghiscari, of Qarth and Volantis. This is the land where men live free and build great cities, but only at a greater cost. This is the land of slavery.

Our plan is to model slavery using two separate, parallel systems – one to track individual characters trained and sold as domestic slaves, and another to track the large slave populations that serve as the working class of Essos’s great cities. This developer diary will concentrate on the first system.

First and foremost, there is now a new crown law – called, appropriately, slavery. This law determines the legality and technicalities of slavery in your nation. For most kingdoms, by default, slavery is simply strictly Legal or Illegal, but the Ironborn use a special form of slavery that allows only for the enslavement of prisoners of war, while minor restrictions on the slave trade can be forced on other nations through war. For nations where slavery is simply Illegal, owning a slave yourself is right out – you’d be caught almost immediately. Selling prisoners into slavery is still possible, but comes at the risk of being discovered – and punished – by your liege.

Fresh slaves can come from a few sources. First, under Chattel Slavery, the children of slaves are born slaves, and slave traders may take steps to ensure that there is a healthy supply of such children. Second, prisoners can be either enslaved by their hosts, or sold directly to slavers. Third, there is a new Slave Raid casus belli available under Chattel Slavery and Thralldom. Slave Raids target a single province – either one that borders the raider, or a coastal province if the raider has access to ships – and, if successful, sack that province and randomly generate five new slaves of its culture and religion for the raider. On the other hand, if a slave raid is completely defeated, the defender can liberate any slaves of their culture or dynasty the raiders may have in captivity.

The newly enslaved are, understandably, rather upset about it, and will almost always despise their masters. Both this problem, and the distribution of slaves throughout the world in general, are handled by slave traders. Any patrician operating under Chattel Slavery may become a slave trader, but it tends to be most common in the great cities of Slaver’s Bay.

A slave trader has the unique distinction of being in the business of buying and selling slaves, in a system which ties into the trade mechanics. Slave traders benefit from controlling trade posts by gaining the right of first refusal in every slave transaction made in that province. If the lord of that province wants to sell a slave, he’ll have to hear the local slave trader’s offer first, before anyone else’s. If he wants to buy a new one, the selection at the local trade post will be the first he sees. Either way, the slaver benefits.

When actually buying and selling slaves, the trader has the ability to set the price. Slaves can be sold for one of three prices – low, medium, and high. It is the goal of the trader to pick a price they believe is fair – or, more likely, the best price they think they can get away with. Once the trader has set the price, the buyer or seller has the option to either accept it, or walk away and try to find a new slave trader. The result is a sort of mini-bidding-game – how low can you buy, and how high can you sell?

Once a slave is actually in your custody, you have many options for dealing with them. If they’re uncooperative, you may have them lashed in an attempt to break their spirit. Repeated lashings can turn even the most rebellious slave into a meek, obsequious servant – or into a bloody corpse. Be warned! Slavery is a grim, soul-destroying practice, for both the slave and the slaver. It is a rare man who can trade in human suffering each day and not come out empty ad hollow on the inside. Or, in less poetic terms, if you become a slave trader, expect to wind up with very little piety and lots of lots of negative personality traits.

Next time (in this sequence, not necessarily the next Dev Diary) we’ll look at slavery on a larger scale – all about the vast, faceless masses, without whom the cities of Essos would crumble into dust.

You can talk about this Dev diary here (and he pic are in greater definition there too)

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Crusader kings II for Sale at -75 %

If you were looking for a reason to buy the game and test the mod, here it is.

The whole franchise is on sale on steam for one day only, you can see more on steam  :

Note : No DLC is needed to play the mod, but you might want some of them to enhance your experience (better portraits for some cultures, some decisions / events,  or playing as ESSOS cities when the continent will be available)

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Vanilla update : BEWARE + music

Tomorrow, crusader kings II will get the 1.10 update.

If you want to keep playing the mod and have a Steam version : Copy your crusader kings II folder (before the update) somewhere else on your hard drive.

If you have a Gamersgate version, do the same so you can enjoy both vanilla with latest DLC and the mod.

From tomorrow we will start working on compatibility, it usually takes a week but this update his HUGE.

If people are interested in the changelog it can be read HERE

Last, next update will contain a new music “stannis themed” lasting more than 5 Mn 😉

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Dev Diary : Essos 1

Hi all, it’s almost a year to the day since the mod was released, and I hope we can all agree we have come some way since then when all we had was Robert’s rebellion to entertain us! But of course we have plans for the future.

Some of you may have noticed cabezaestufa hasn’t done the usual updating. Unfortunately due to RL commitments he has stepped down as project leader. I (Knuckey) have taken on this role, but cabe has used his amazing map making talents to leave us a rather nice parting gift:


Yes, we are adding Essos And as you can see progress has been coming along quite well. The map contains everything from Westeros to Qarth, and Sothoryos to Far Ibb. This continent has been more arduous to recreate than Westeros, mainly due to the lack of canon information compared to Westeros. We have had to essentially make up many province and title names, as well as the free city dynasties.

Here is a look at the dejure kingdom setup:


Each of the Free Cities, and Slaver’s Bay realms, shall be portrayed using The Republic DLC mechanics, each with 5 ‘patrician’ families and the ability to establish trade posts.

Obviously this means you will need the DLC to play as them. However The Summer Islands have also been completed, and they are a feudal realm:


Now only the history setup has been partially down thus far, so there aren’t any unique mechanics done yet. However some ideas have been started to be thought out, e.g. Aegon will be able to choose to unify The Free Cities rather than Westeros:



Ruins shall also be modelled in some way, possibly with the ability to colonise them:


Note The Rhoyne shall be navigable upto Norvos and Qohor. Also we will almost certainly make a unique shield for ruins, so they are easily distinguishable.

That’s all we have for now. For the initial release, the Free Cities, Slaver’s Bay and The Summer Islands are likely to be all there is. But we do intend to fill the entire map, including Ibb, Qarth, Sothoryos and other obscure places. Of course The Dothraki shall be implemented in some way and we do have a basic plan for them, but that probably deserves its own full explanation later on. Release date is unknown for now, almost certainly not in the next release for the Old Gods.


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