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An Eye on Datas

Hello folks, Paradox studio released some datas about the mods :

Mod Popularity – March 2013
22% of all users who played CK2 in March tried a mod at least once.

9,8% – Game of Thrones
6,0% – CK2+
2,0% – The Prince and the Thane
0,9% – Lux Invicta
0,7% – Project Balance
0,6% – A New World, The Dawn of Empires.

It means we are the most played mod for crusader kings II, yay 🙂

We had a lot of success on mod db (often 1st, 15th as I write this news)

This can be explained by the Show re-starting, some news about the release (kotaku, pc gamer), the trailer, and perhaps the quality of the mod itself 😉

Before we come back with new infos about the mod, I’ll leave you all the good links to help us improve the mod (still lots of things to do)

Our forum –

Mod DB –

Steam group –

And the newsletter –

Valar Morghulis

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[Release] 0.4.2

This one is not a joke 🙂
Go on moddb to Download (links are at the right ->>> )

The video contains A Feast For Crows spoilers

Version 0.4.2

Main features:
– 1.092 compatibility.
– Two new scenarios: The Blackfyre Rebellion and A Feast for Crows.
– Improved Hedge Knights.
– Added a first draft revision of vanilla buildings.

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– The priest councillor can now use the ‘Perform Charity’ job action.
– The season event (as well as other initialsation) now occurs immediately upon starting a new game.
– Female regents may now be challenged to duels if they belong to Dornish, Wildling, or Ironborn cultures.
– The ruler designer high valyrian decision is now an automatic event.
– Added an AI decision to split the swords widowswail and oathkeeper.
– The regency duel event chain now uses the duel engine. Female regents can also no longer be challenged to duels.
– Added a salt wife related event.
– Householdguard decisions – disband – removes all household guard modifiers.
– Can no longer start feasts/hunts/fairs whilst reaving.
– Vanilla ‘Dragon hunt’ event now cannot happen during the age of dragons.
– A character will not get the widowed trait if they assasinated their spouse, unless they are a lunatic.
– Characters either captured or released after a siege now get a notification event.
– The Bran inspired falling from tower event now gives the crippled trait rather than the maimed trait.
– Adjusted options in event where your vassal kills one of your servants.
– Added the option to grant vacant LP titles via personal interaction.
– Added new special decisions (Hire a Hedge Knight) for the following cultures (northmen, riverlander, valeman, crownlander, westerman, reachman, stormlander, ironborn, salt_dornish, stone_dornish, sand_dornish and crannogman).
– Characters employed by decision will no longer get traits like incapable and infirm.
– Revised NW maintenance event that handles women/children to also give men the NW trait if they dont have it.
– Ironborn reaving events now occur whilst using ironborn raid/invasion CB on the map.
– Added an event chain for Rhaegar in the Tower of Joy in the case of the Targaryens winning the War of the Usurper.
– If a character is put under house arrest, any of their child relatives who are also in prison will be placed under house arrest also.
– Trial by Combat is no longer always to the death, and if the prisoner loses their captor can now choose a punishment.
– Obtaining Dawn now aborts the obtain valyrian sword ambition.
– Added jenk’s changes to skinchanger events. Only farwynds can now have sea animal companions. The chain is now less likely to happen as well.
– Polished the Fashionable & Authoritative traits. (added mid-life events to gain/lose/interact).
– If you win a trial by court you can now only send the loser to the wall if they are a man.
– Feast/hunts/fairs have a 12 month cooldown as opposed to a required month.
– Added oathbreaker mechanics.

Character setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
– Made Theon a prisoner of Ramsay and put him in the oubliette.
– Moved Asha to Stannis’ court before she is married and put her under arrest.
– Added Aeron Damphair’s imprisonment by the Lannisters after the Greyjoy Rebellion.
– Gave Erik Ironmaker his own dynasty, changed his nickname to “Anvil-Breaker” and added his grandsons.
– Fixed Gregor Cleganes killer to be Oberyn.
– Removed celibate traits from Theon and Varys (they have eunuch).
– Made Varys and Melisandre ambitious.
– Added positive opinion modifiers between Illyrio, Varys and Young Griff.
– Baelor the Blessed now becomes celibate a bit earlier.
– Rolland Storm is now in Renly’s court in ACoK.
– Reduced Jon and Ramsay Snow’s martial, and increased Stannis’ a bit.
– Adjusted the ages of Roose, Domeric and Ramsay to be more in keeping with canon.
– Deleted Heward Bolton (Roose’s non canon father) who never became a Lord and with Roose’s increased age is unnecessary.
– Renamed characters to Canon names for Houses : Falwell, Lorch, Terrick, Wayn and Lychester for the time period of Maegor’s reign.
– Maester Aemon and Bloodraven now have relevant employment history placing them in the Nights Watch from 8233.
– Added Glendon Flowers aka Glendon Ball as Quentyn Fireball’s bastard.
– Added dynasty with CoA for Dunk. Makes him playable when he is LC and lets him have his own CoA.
– Added Andrik the Unsmiling and Nute the Barber.
– Added some AAR winners, including the new Valyrian Sword Stranger’s Mercy (Graphics still needed).
– Added some additional canon names to Andal, Dornish, Ironborn and Valyrian cultures.
– Added ancient Kings Beyond the Wall.
– Added Septa Lemore, Septa Saranella and Mirri Maz Dur.
– Added opinion modifiers between Jorah Mormont, his father and Eddard Stark after Jorah has been exiled.
– Added the family of the Prince of Pentos (Illyrio married one of them).
– Randyll Tarly no longer looks like Stannis, Styr is bald and Petyr the Pimple has pimples.
– Added some more characters to the Dance of Dragons bookmark.
– Blackfyres can now get Targaryen nicknames.
– Added a more senior Hardyng line, so Harry the Heir is less likely to inherit the Hardyng lands and cause the house to die out.
– Robert no longer thinks Ned a traitor in the Crowned Stag scenario.
– Created a “Saan” dynasty and assigned Sallador to it. Gave him traits, Fashionable, Gregarious, Proud and Charismatic Negotiator.
– Made Hoster Tully’s illness more gradual, so he is only infirm at the beginning of ACoK, becoming incapable later on. Also added his stillborn children and made him and his children have blue eyes.
– Ser Barristan now has blue eyes.
– Characters that die stillborn now have it shown as their cause of death. Also added cause to historical stillborns.
– Fixed it so that the Gorge and Skirling Pass are sworn to Raymun Redbeard while he is King beyond the Wall.
– Made it so that Bloodraven is imprisoned by Maekar from Maekar becomming King to when he and Aemon go to the Wall.

Province and title setup:
– Added a war with CB “bid for independence” for the Rains of Castermere in 8260.1.1.
– Added traditional claims for Housea Blackwood and Bracken, which give claims to some of eachother’s lands.
– Changed beyond the wall to a king tier title.
– Added a Painted Table flavour building to the Stone Drum in Dragonstone.
– Changed all Dornish titles to true cognatic, some were still using agnatic.
– House Sunglass was moved and degraded to Barony-level on Dragonstone Island.
– Placed House Rambton on the empty barony of Winwyrm on Dragonstone Island. (added non-canon Family history)
– Renamed Sweetport Sound to The Whispers and House Crabb got moved there. The province was switched from Duchy of Dragonstone to duchy of Crackclaw Point.
– Renamed Brownhollow to Dyre Den. House Brune of Brownhollow got degraded to Baron level. House Brune of Dyre Den became their liege.
– Former seat of House Crabb, Crackclaw point got renamed North Crackclaw Point. House Boggs was added in that castle. (added non-canon Family history)
– Added a new barony in North Crackclaw Point for House Pyne. (added non-canon Family history)
– Rook’s Rest was moved south into former Dyre Den province. House Staunton was moved with it. (tachnically they are not crackclaw but close enough)
– The former Rook’s Rest became South Crackclaw Point. House Cave was placed there. (added non-canon Family history) House Hardy remained there.
– Created and added correct province flags for Crackclaw Point provinces.
– Degraded the level of some Castles in Crackclaw Point Duchy to keep the balance and more or less the same amount of troops.
– The Vale now uses agnatic succession from the reign of Jon Arryn, to give more accurate succession.
– Fixed Eastwatch’s base value building.
– Added a war for Raymun Redbeard’s invasion in 8223.1.1.
– Made the High Lordships of the Kingswood and Bywater Rush created from the beginning and gave them to the Bywaters and the Thornes, respectively.
– Made Wendwater sworn to the Masseys.

– Liege/faction member opinion modifier set to zero (to avoid lieges hating their own loyalists, better solution to follow).
– Fertilty malus added to army commanders.
– The “mysterious conception” legitimacy evidence flag is now only assigned to children whose mother’s husbands were commanding an army when pregnancy began to show.
– Lovers are now twice as likely to sleep together while their spouses are commanding armies.
– Added some restrictions to who can use the weaken vassal plot against LPs.
– The unique scenario CBs are now flagged as major revolts, so vassals will get the ‘revolt defeated’ opinion bonus if the King wins. Also increased this bonus slightly.
– There is no longer a minimum piety requirement for imprisonment/execution.
– When a King grants a Lord Paramount title to a lord via event they now have a boosted opinion of the new lord ( to try and stop the AI being nasty to the new lord).
– The AI now has no limit on how many lord paramount titles it will create.
– If the leader of an independence faction war dies the war wil no longer end inconclusively.
– It is no longer possible to start a claimant faction for Septons, Septas or Red Priests.
– A landed claimant who is a vassal of the holder of the title now needs to be backing the faction before an ultimatum can be issued.
– Females who are rulers or close relatives of rulers can now lead armies if they have 15 martial.
– Took away the North’s boats, as they were going to the beach again. Human players of the North can still use boat mercs though.
– It is no longer possible to plot to revoke the primary duchy of a lord paramount tier character.
– Land based animal companions now all have an effect on duel outcomes.
– Form Westeros decision is now usable even if you only control four kingdoms rather than own the titles directly.
– Flaying or drowning will now give an opinion malus with the target’s relatives.
– Weaker lords are now more likely to accept demands to stand down.
– Any King can now use the post mega war punishments against their vassals.
– Added extra checks on the vassalisation of allies after a successful indep war event, to make sure only neighbours are vassalised.
– Black brothers and other special characters can no longer fabricate claims.
– Reduced the prestige gain on some knight events.
– Reduced the chance of a character using moon tea.
– Salt wives can no longer be councillors or use moon tea.
– A child can now only be increased in combat skill by your marshall once every two years, and only to one level above your marshall.
– More than one member of a dynasty can now have a traditional claim to a title.
– Owners of dragons now dislike dragon slayers.
– Slightly decreased the chance of being wounded/maimed/killed whilst reaving.
– Dejure barony CBs are now usable against characters in the same realm. it now also vassalises the target if possible/appropiate.
– Reduced the chance of stillbirths happening (from 23% to 10% on average).
– Trickster and defender overall provide a +0.1 commandmodifier as opposed to a -0.1.
– Holy warrior can be given out randomly but not through reeducation. Took away the -0.1 damage and reduced religious enemy to +0.1.
– Gold Mines now give less gold, but the Westerlands now has more to compensate.
– Adjusted the special War of the Usurper CB, so the effect tooltip is clearer and the war continues if Renly somehow inherits the Stormlands.

Graphics and portraits:
– Added the Hedge Knight project. Included 337 Hedge Dynasties with their own unique Coat of Arms for most cultures of Westeros.
– Added 58 new title Flags. Most ware duchy flags that ware either low quality or a placeholder.
– Changed the way traits are displayed on the character screen (thanks to Elder Scrolls mod).
– Added a new background for loading screen hints, so the text no longer overlaps the border.
– Replaced all christian crosses that were left in the UI with the Seven Pointed Star.
– Added trait icons for Honorable, Ruthless, Wildling and Salt Wife.
– Added icon for Valyrian religion and changed icon of Summer Gods (was Drowned God icon?).
– Northman females now wear northern martial gear instead of western.
– Some minor additions to Ironborn clothes.
– The Ironborn should no longer bedeck themselves like whores and have had new clothes and headgear added.
– Added eyepatches for left and right eyes and gave Euron his eyepatch.
– Dornish characters now use Muslim event images where appropriate.
– Kingsguard, Night’s Watch and Maester clothes should now override most other clothes.
– Fixed some more instances of naked Dornish priests.
– Red Priests now wear red clothes.
– Adjusted portrait backgrounds for several cultures.
– Added Night’s Watch flags with cloth texture courtesy of Smoesville, and cloth texture versions of the Golden Company and Warrior’s Sons flags.
– House “of Thenn” no longer has the House Thenn Rhllor influenced coat of arms for the historical Magnars.
– Added an icon for decision to give Crabspincer to a child.
– Added starkweather’s valyrian child portraits.
– Added icons for the loyalist factions.
– Removed red eyes from high valyrians.

– Changed the way king tier titles in Westeros are named, so king tier titles outside westeros can be referred to as Kingdoms.
– Replaced some loading text to refer Westeros.
– Replaced dynasty trackers set in history files with the new dynasty= trigger.
– Only Lannisters, Reynes and Osgreys can now get ‘the Lionheart’ nickname.
– AI Kings will now create LP titles.
– Maesters now have to serve at least 10 years with a lord before being invited to be a Archmaester.
– The AI will now actively switch to their culture succession gender law.
– A stillborn character will now get a bastard nickname if appropiate.
-Added some improved localisations by pulcherada.

– Fixed the dejure ‘kingdom’ CB outcomes not working in some instances.
– Fixed a friend/rival event sometimes triggering wrongly.
– Removed Byzantine reference in blinding decision.
– Fixed the missing localisation for Redwyne nicknames.
– The ‘Become Lord Paramount’ ambition will now abort properly if the character is not of the right rank, also fixed localisation.
– It is no longer possible to capture yourself after a successful siege.
– Fixed a case of trial by combat events triggering erroneously.
– Fixed the peasants dying winter.
– Added some more checks to the high valyrian cull to ensure it doesnt cull the wrong characters.
– Florents no longer get traditional claims on the Reach if the holder is a Gardener.
– Fixed Trial by Combat not finishing properly in some circumstances.
– The Nightswatch maintenance event now switches the watch back to it’s normal state if it somehow becomes a merchant republic.
– Fixed the reforging of widowswail/oathkeeper into ice in reclaim sword CB not actually detroying the sword.
– Fixed problem where if you sent your child to be the ward of someone at the citadel they would be banished to a random place.
– Fixed ACOK bug where Renly/Stannis would sometimes auto declare war on the Iron throne after their brother’s death even if they backed them in the parley.
– Top lieges on another character’s reaving will no longer get two of every reaving event.
– If a character is declared a bastard after an investigation they will now get the appropiate bastard name.
– Fixed event where your Maester could demand you execute/exile an infidel.
– Fixed a case of mega war event spam for the King.

Patch 0.4.2 Notes

Since we noticed some of you didn’t like the Eastern Continent as much as we hoped, we removed it and decided to focus on Westeros again for the moment. And so, here’s the new version! The first thing you’ll notice is that armies can move again, but the most perceptive amongst you will no doubt notice we have two new scenarios: the much requested Blackfyre Rebellion and the spoiler-heavy A Feast for Crows (seriously, don’t even think about clicking on it if you haven’t read all the books). There are a lot of tweaks and additions, as usual. You’ll find, for instance, that you have new options to employ Hedge Knights. We have begun adding sensible buildings at last, so that late game should hopefully be improved, and there has been quite an overhaul in certain parts of the map.

Be advised: patch 1.092 is pretty unstable and you will experience crashes. As always, we recommand to play with autosaves off!

It may take some time for Moddb to propagate the files through its mirrors, so if the download doesn’t work for you, try again a few hours later.

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[Release] 0.4.1

windows version :

others :

Checksum: XLIY
Compatible with: CK2 1.092
Warning: This is a BETA version, so it might (in fact, it will most likely) contain bugs and unfinished features!

Patch 0.4.1 Notes
In honor of Game of Thrones’ return to television yesterday, we’re proud to bring you a new release, and with it a feature you’ve all long awaited and fiercely demanded. That’s right, as of patch 0.4.1, the game of thrones is no longer confined to Westeros!

We’ve worked painstakingly to let you cross the Narrow Sea and experience the wonders of the East, a land of merchant cities, savage horselords, fanatical worshipers of the One True God, and the ruins of an empire long fallen. This patch’s highlights include:

  • Lands of the Eastern Continent added across the Narrow Sea.
  • Over 900 new provinces.
  • Lots of new titles: New duchies, kingdoms and empires.
  • Invasions of savage horse-riding warriors from the East.
  • Tens of thousands of new characters.
  • Republics: Added the Free Cities.
  • Optionally, you can play as the rulers of the Free Cities if you own The Republic DLC.
  • Lots of new cultures.
  • Look out for ruthless slaver civilizations!
  • Unleashed new monotheistic religions with fanatical followers.
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