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Release 0.4.6

Yesterday, paradox published 3 dlc with the 1.102 patch, here is our update that goes with it

Main features:
– Updated mod for patch 1.102

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– The ‘Show me dragons’ decision now displays locations of dragon lairs
– The Maester’s job actions now happen automatically, and the Master of laws can no longer do jobs in the capital province. This makes it impossible to put more than 5 councillors in one province

Character setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
– the Ancestory of many houses adjusted, inluding houses Stark, Arryn, Lannister, Manderly, Cassel, Stout, Poole, Ryswell, Blackwood, Mormont, Serry, Ryger, Dustin, Waterman, Karstark, Smallwood, Waxley, Estermont, Rogers, Grimm, Hornwood, Flint
– Added House Mudd, Teague, Fisher and Justman as ancient Kings of the Trident
– Adjusted the age of Euron (-2) and Victarion (-1) greyjoy
– Mycella and Lancel are no longer lovers in AFFC
– The Lord Commander no longer owns Brandon’s Gift directly, to hopefully prevent the Watch converting to a merchant republic
– Walder frey is more healthy and will live longer
– Gave House Locke and Woolfield extra members in the later book scenarios so House Glover and Manderly respectively don’t inherit their ancestral lands (through the female line) within a mere decade.
– Added House Condon and their history to b_theeagletower. They are now a vassal under the Cerwyns. The canon Kyle Condon is now in.

– The Lord Commander of the Night’s watch can no longer convert provinces or people

Graphics and portraits:
– Added many of talias’ trait icons

– Characters with traits that forbid inheritance will no longer start adventures
– If a character ends up with an off-map title like Meereen it is now off-loaded by event
– the Stranger is no longer a valid god name for event texts
– Several random Black Brothers are now randomly generated at the start of earlier scenarios
– Numerous tentative changes to religion, most of which should only affect Essos. The biggest one for Westeros is a slight heavy cavalry buff for the Seven.

– Fixed Blackhaven history in ACoK and AFFC
– removed some unfinished diplomatic events that could cause wierd vassalisations
– Fixed problem where the establishment of Kingsguard was not working in the Conquest scenario
– A character who inherits dawn will now get the right nickname
– Fixed harrenhal bug
– Fixed event that referred to the Pope and his legate

Links are coming on Moddb and mirrors as I speak

Don’t report bugs here, and go to the citadel a.k.a our dev forum for any question

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Crusader kings II for Sale at -75 %

If you were looking for a reason to buy the game and test the mod, here it is.

The whole franchise is on sale on steam for one day only, you can see more on steam  :

Note : No DLC is needed to play the mod, but you might want some of them to enhance your experience (better portraits for some cultures, some decisions / events,  or playing as ESSOS cities when the continent will be available)

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Release 0.4.5

Version 0.4.5

Main features:
– Merged changes from 1.101

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– it is no longer possible for adventurers to target realms made independent for the duration of a mega war
– Adventure wars for the Iron Throne will now trigger mega wars
– Fixed problem where if an adventurer was in an off-map court they would not get any troops and have -100% warscore form the start
– If an adventurer is going for an emperor tier title there is now a chance they will gain some dothraki troops under certain circumstances

Character setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
– Dany now loses the Widowed trait in 300, so she can now marry in AFFC. She’s still infertile though!
– adjusted the age of Roose (now born in 255)
– Added characters from “The Lineage and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms” shown in the series. Updated Umbers, Karstarks and Manderlys and the Umbers title history.
– Gave the Flints of Widows Watch a female Hornwood connection. Adjusted the starting Ancestry of all the Flints somewhat. Added young Danny Flint.
– Added a ancestor Tyrion as King of the Rock. Mentioned in the books that his name is that of past Lannister Kings.
– Added Theo Frey who was currently missing from the Frey family. Fixed Jyanna Frey floating in the family tree, made Alys Frey… a Frey. Gave Walder a younger brother, his grandchildren are now Theo, Jyanna and Alys.
– Married Perriane Frey to Ambrose Butterwell.

– A character is now less likely to accept an ultimatum if their liege likes them (they will be able to ask for intervention)

Graphics and portraits:
– Adjusted valyrian, dornish, northman and ironborn gfx to match the portrait fixes from patch 1.101
– Removed identical, duplicate dornish clothing files and linked all dornish cultures to saltdornish clothing and headgear
– Removed naathi gfx and made them use african / muslim gfx as fallback for now

– Fixed bug where the game would CTD in Seven Kingdoms when selecting the dejure kingdom map mode. Fixed by adding uncreatable dejure Kingdoms of Dragonstone and Crackclaw Point.
– Fixed problem where Blackwater Bay wasn’t being properly renamed to King’s Landing after the conquest
– Fixed bug where if Stannis/Shireen lost the war for the Iron Throne they would be given Storms End if Young Griff conquered it
– The Archmaester of the Citadel now actually has a religion/culture in all game starts
– Fixed the Beggar King nickname


To download the build :

To report bugs :

Note : Don’t comment this post with bugs or suggestions, use our forum instead

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Crusader Kings 2: Stupid friends won’t play, learn from their mistake. Please?


Not Quite American

A little while ago I advertised the sale of Crusader Kings 2 at 75% off.

The reason I did that is not just because of my love for the company; don’t get me wrong, I do support Paradox and all their endeavours – I buy pretty much every damn DLC they release because I always know it’s going to be good. I had a more selfish reason to display it though. I want my friend to buy it.

This game is… Good. It is so good. And yet, somehow, it is so damn niche that a lot of people either haven’t heard of it or just simply don’t care! Why?!

Whilst at work the other day – menial phone surveys; hey, a guy’s gotta eat – I was perusing the CK2 forums as I usually do. A member of the cleaning staff put his face next to mine, paused for…

View original post 532 more words

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Release 0.4.4

edit : 12/06

The mod isn’t compatible with 1.101 that has just been released, it was with 1.10

Grab it here :

Don’t use the concillor fix, it seems to cause CTD

Don’t report bugs here, do it on the dev forum. Thanks



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