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Happy new year

Here you sit at the grand table, our vassals are there, even the ones who dislike you or are secretly plotting your disgrace.

You are drinking Dornish wine, or Harbour wine if you are wealthy enough. There is this fat lord that keeps yelling, forbiding you to hear this singer’s song : the only way to escape this boring ceremony.

You are surprising yourself wanting to be a peasant, doing what you want, life as simple as cutting wood, a delight.

When your Maester storms in, the singer stops, everyone stops, the old man is winded.

– What happens ?

– My Lord, Paradox’s Realm announced they are doing a republic DLC !

– This can’t be possible, are you sure ?

– On my life, they did, it’s coming January 14th

Every lord and commoners in the room is staring at you, watching on what will be your next move.

Then you draw your sword, trying to be as solemn as possible, after all this is what was needed to make this “feast” interesting :

Then war it is, again ! Squire ! Assemble everything we’ve got : Bugfixes, content, new bookmarks, dragons and factions. We are marching soon !


Because after all, you remind yourself that you are a good lord and that the kingdom of AGOT is at least keeping it’s promises to it’s subjects.

Happy new year to everyone, may 2013 be a year full of thrones

Click there to see Vary’s report for 2012, learn about yourself

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Pc gamer nominates us

Hi everyone, 

It seems we have been nominated by Pc gamer to be the “mod of the year’.

This is great news, the other mods are 


Black Mesa: Source
Crusader Kings II: A Game of Thrones
The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod


Anyway that is good to be known for what we do. 

On  an other note, we habe been 136th mod in modDB, that was close, thanks everybody for voting.

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A little reminder

I don’t really like to bother you with contests

But there are only a  few hours remaining to vote for the mod of the year, and there will be a treat for you all if we manage to be in the top 100


Vote here

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Republics incoming

So it seems Paradox announced their Republic DLC, well, we wanted it. This is by far the most useful DLC for us. Also really ambitious in gameplay terms.

As it won’t come out until end of January (based on paradox’s calendar), we need to remain calm. 

We have started to design Essos, but don’t expect it before the DLC is released. 

If you can’t wait to play with the whole world, I’d like to link you the submod from Toccs :

Other news now, we are planning to release a stability update soon, don’t ask us when.



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Mod of the year Award

Hi everybody, 


We learned that Moddb has launched it’s yearly “mod of the year award”. 


You can vote for us if you like, here :

Good day

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