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[Realease] to get it, it fixes some major issues in previous version

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fix for frenchies is here!nYFWECIY!amdowC1nyZUFN2MCNYmBRQ4zQZpCj44sPnAYthXwvA0

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Stop playing in french for a while / Arrêter de jouer en Français !

The nasty bug where all the pop ups are spamming the screen seems to happen to french speakers only.

traduction : joueurs français, le bug des pop ups qui spamment l’écran vient de la langue pour je ne sais quelle raison. Donc jouez en anglais en attendant, desolé mais allez bruler paradox 🙂

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[RELEASE] 0.4.7


Release today ! Still no Essos, but you can follow the progress on our dev forum.

Anyway it’s 0.4.7 day look at this HUGE changelog

Version 0.4.7

Main features:
– Updated mod for patch 1.111
– A new ruin/colonisation system, with ruins in Oldstones and Summerhall
– Mega wars are now universal to all empire level titles
– Canon diseases can now appear in provinces
– Feudal Elective Kingdoms held by a Drowned God follower will now have a Kingsmoot upon the King’s death

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– Characters can now contract Greyscale
– Adjusted the Knighthood mechanics somewhat, including making it possible for non-Faith followers to become knights under certain circumstances
– Provinces broken by Dragonfire in a siege will now be converted to ruins
– It is now possible to arrange a wedding ceremony for daughters who remain in your court
– Blackfyres now have a traditional claim on the Iron Throne
– Characters with a Dragon egg may now build Dragon pits
– Seasons now last a minimum of two years
– Members of the kingsguard can now be sent to the courts of other members of the royal family
– The Targaryen coin flip will no longer occur for a secret bastard whose real father and mother are not Targaryens
– Added a decision for female rulers in a regular marriage to a lowborn to make their marriage matrilineal
– The republic random events now use scaled wealth rather than a meaningless +/- 50 gold. Frequency of good/bad events now also depends on your ruler’s stewardship.
– Slaying someone who has yielded to you in a friendly duel will now increase your dishonour
– Grandparents now have priority in choosing a child’s education if they are landed and the parents are not
– Added an ambition to Make the Eight
– Added a flavour event for Patricians to lose a ship to a Kraken.
– Added an interesting lunatic event

Character setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
– Added the Butterwell Dragon Egg
– Added new information from The Dance of the Dragons preview
– Updates to much character history including: Stark, Tully, Grell, Marbrand, Lefford, Vance, Lannister, Tyrell, beesbury, Ryger, Hightower, Blackwood, Manderly, Orkwood, Bolton, Westerlanders in the Conquest, Selmy, Tarly, Cafferen, Baratheon, Velaryon
– Minor Northern ancestor changes to go in line with the MUSH changes. Including House Dustin, Stark, Ryswell and (non-canon) changes in House Bolton to boost their family numbers in couple mid-scenarios.
– Jon Arryn’s first two wives in the Ninepenny scenario were both alive and married to him at the same time. Now his Royce wife dies at the correct date.
– Joffrey and his siblings now have Jaime set as their real father in the history files
– Adjusted ages for Stark members to fit in line with succession. Added afew extra Lannister’s from Blood of the Dragon.
– Slight update of House Reyne and Hightower, starting family connections between the two (and others) on Blood of the Dragon lines
– Fixed House Shett family floater by adding a father to Damon Shett and his younger brother. Gave the heir of House Moore some children so the line doesn’t die out to quickly.
– Gave poor_warrior traits to two of the three Kettleblack brothers. Ormand (Kingsguard) has been given trained_warrior.
– Bloodraven no longer owns Darksister from the age of 5
– Changed Randyll Grafton’s name to the Canon Marq Grafton (lord at the time of Roberts Rebellion).
– Somebody apparently thought Gregor needed Formidable Fighter. /What/. He’s been brought back down to Trained where he belongs.
– Added portraits for Lynesse Hightower and Taena of Myr created by “MnK”.
– King Aegon V is no longer both knight and squire
– Reduced Robert Strong’s martial score
– Rhaegel’s twins are now the same age
– Asha is no longer celibate, but now has a temporary fertility malus to stop the AI marrying her off immediately
– Characters with OR = { a matching personality trait, a matching job title, free time } can improve their education once per decade after they are 30 on a 10% bi yearly pulse. various_trait_events
– Corrected Jeyne Westerling’s age
– Populated the Free Companies with canon characters where applicable
– Qyburn is now in the Brave Companions prior to being employed by Joffery
– Brown Ben Plumm is now in the Second Sons
– Gave Maynard Plumm a few conspicuous traits and had him go missing after the Whitewalls Tourney.
– Gave DNA to Argella Durrandon as her flumby fat appearance just wasn’t cutting it for someone who was considered attractive.

– If Balon chooses to help Robb in ACoK it now starts an invasion of the Westerlands rather than the Iron Throne
– A character who has been raided can now use the vengeance CB against the raider, which will return all captured salt wives and swords
– On map reaving duels are now less likely
– The negative opinion from raiding now lasts 5 years rather than 6 months
– Reduced the gold gained from raiding
– Characters that wins a trial against the king will now lose their status as an exiled pretender
– Slaves can no longer go on adventures
– Culled high valyrians now have all their gold removed, so their liege does not inherit it
– All murder/execution of kin in the polygamy events will now make a character a kinslayer
– Added an event that prompts a new independent AI dragon rider to invade something
– Characters will now only start adventures against close family if they dislike them. Adventurers will now also move court if a courtier of their target.
– Patricians are now more likely to choose steward/court education
– The AI will no longer castrate/blind/flay/drown prisoners if the prisoner is their enemy in a war and they can enforce demands against them
– Denounced bastards will now reside in their mother’s court
– The parents, kin and spouse of a character who is blinded/castrated will now be very anry with their captor, and will also have just cause to imprison the captor
– Rebels can no longer spawn against the Nightswatch
– Drowned God Lord Commanders are now switched to Old Gods to stop them raiding
– Added an opinion boost between Jon Snow and Mellisandre
– interaction events; #Niceguys wont visit a woman in prison as they dont like gRapes
– Patricians will no longer back a claimant faction that would result in the toppling of the Republic
– Made it more difficult to become chosen by rhllor
– Made it so that all the Skagosi are rebelling during the Blackfyre Rebellion bookmark
– Spymasters can no longer reveal the “Replace a Councillor” plots or get assassinated over them, since these plots aren’t actually illegal.

Graphics and portraits:
– Replaced character window
– Remade council screen
– Many new trait/decision/plot icons
– Compressed many graphics to make file size smaller
– Added Dothraki portraits
– Added new portrait layer giving purple lips for Qarth warlocks
– Fixed some incorrect color index for Tyrosh and Valyrian portraits
– Changed religion screen background

– Many localisation improvements/fixes
– Removed the scripted capitals from many high lordships, to try and prevent the AI revoking titles irrationally
– Renamed High Lordship of Oldstones to Seagard
– Eustace Osgrey now supports Daemon Blackfyre during the Rebellion
– The Defiance of Duskendale happens in 8276.1.1
– The Lords of the Westerlands now remain neutral during the Reyne Rebellion
– Only relevant characters will now get informed of the King on the Iron Throne’s coronation
– Non Faith of the Seven temples now use open-elective succession rather than gavelkind
– Summer Islanders now prefer Seniority succession and will form factions for it
– Only Westerosi characters or characters with a claim can now use the ambition to put their dynasty on the Iron Throne. The AI will now also use it.
– Optimised the house customiser events
– changed payne hall’s terrain to goldroad and hawthorne’s to oceanroad
– Durrandons can now get Baratheon stag themed nicknames
– Added some holy sites for some religions
– Added some random valyrian dynasties, names of which derived from..
– Split the Essosi religions into more groups and reduced indfidel malus from 30 to 20

– Fixed broken history in The Three Sisters, also added a Sisterman culture for them
– Fixed a sword quest related CTD
– Fixed problem where it was possible to start an upgrade castle in a wildling province despite the upgrade not being possible
– Fixed Velaryon/Driftmark setup in AFFC
– Fixed the dragon battle events
– Fixed Gold of the West launching outside dejure Westerlands
– Fixed lover event impregnating characters if boh are males
– The Rose and the Lion event now checks if the Iron Throne is held by a male Lannister, this stops Margaery marrying people like Danaerys.
– If a king loses their last empire tier title to a dragon/ironborn invasion any vassals in revolt will no longer become independent
– It is no longer possible to hold multiple weddings for the same couple
– If the Summer Islander invasion fails their event forces will now be disbanded
– Adults can no longer be smothered to death in their cribs like a baby
– Fixed problem where a character would be informed their spouse is pregnant by another man, but when the child is born it would be their legit child
– If a member of the Kingsguard somehow becomes landed their titles will now be properly abdicated to a valid heir
– Fixed the Renly shadow baby now working if Stannis was already plotting to kill someone
– Event where you can try and hatch a dragon egg will no longer happen if you already have a dragon
– Fixed problem with Tower of Joy event where new kinsguard defenders wouldnt be selected properly if the initial ones died before the fight
– Fixed problem where Ironborn adventurers were getting stuck on islands due to having no fleet
– Fixed problem where a religion called priests_can_marry was appearing in the ledger
– Fixed problem with ask for legitimisation decision where the character’s children would switch dynasty even if the spouse was of a higher rank
– Fixed vanilla rival event where you could imprison yourself for cheating at a tourney
– A ward will no longer ask to be a squire if already a knight
– Fixed a case of the Kingsguard title being stuck with a landed character and new members not being appointed
– Fixed Valyrian marriages of incest being referred to as Xwedodah Zoroastrian unions
– Fixed problem where if the King appoints his heir to the Kingsguard they can react to it and be upset with themself
– Fixed a CTD that could occur when a Maester is Lord Commander of the NW
– Fixed problem where sometimes the Kingsguard wasnt organised properly upon the selection of a new Lord Commander, which could result in more than 7 Kingsguard
– It is no longer possible to become friends with yourself at weddings
– Fixed bug in event where you recognise virtues of good spymaster improving relations with the Maester rather than the spymaster
– Fixed problem where the Iron Throne would change to gavelkind succession after the Blackfyre Rebellion
– Taking a landed prisoner as a salt wife will now abdicate all their titles to their heir, rather than to their captor
– Reinstated vengeance opinions between Lannisters and Starks that were missing in ACoK
– Fixed problem where Feasts, Hunts and Fairs were sometimes impossible to hold
– Fixed problem where you could end up imprisoning yourself in the dungeon after winning a trial by combat
– Brides will no longer fall pregnant during a bedding if already pregnant
– Fixed problem where characters were always presenting poor cases in trials by court
– Fixed never ending quest bug
– Removed technology requirements for trade posts
– Getting champion, master of the blade, master of the bow, venerable elder fulfills gain honorary title ambition

To download AND discuss AND report bugs go there :

To be alerted by E-mail when we release or post a Dev diary, subscribe here :

May the seven protect you

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Discover Wars and Battles


No dev diary today, but I would like to help some fellows that are struggling to kickstart their game.

Wars and Battles is an ambitious project that will bring very complex wargames on PC, smartphones, tablets.

Details are on their kickstarter page :

Hope I wasn’t too long, next ESSOS dev diary should come before the end of August, and also Europa Universalis IV from paradox is coming in 24 H, that may reduce the productivity of some team members 🙂


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