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Release : 0.3.3

Here it is !


Mirror :

Mac :


Patch 0.3.3 Notes

Another compatibility/bugfixing update, this one for v1.08. Mostly balancing changes and bugfixes, but as always there’s a lot of new details and flavor to be discovered. And the most observant among you might also notice we took some steps towards finally giving religion the importance it deserves…

Warning: Some scenarios are currently the victim of an extremely strange bug, which causes some lord to be independent if the scenario is loaded immediately after loading any of the new scenarios. The worst occurence of this happens to Dorne and the Reach in the Crowned Stag. If you experience this bug, you can fix it on the game setup screen by selecting Robert’s Rebellion, then selecting The Crowned Stag again.

There might also be a few nasty crashbugs left in there, so we advise you always turn autosaves on.

Version 0.3.3

Main features:
– 1.08 compatibility.

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– In Aegon’s Conquest, warden events will now not happen until conquest is over.
– Each valyrian sword now has a seperate decision for passing on to a child, so if you get two you can split them up.
– Added an event that forces AI Aegon to take to the field if he ends up chilling on Blackwater Hill during the conquest.
– NW maintenance event now removes LC title from maesters and moves stray black brothers back to the wall.
– Added an event where a dragon can die of old age.
– Optimised the stark lore child events.
– You can now choose a vassal as well as a relative to defend you in a trial by combat.
– Added a decision where a black brother can send their bastards away from the wall to their kin.
– Added an event where wives become expensive in clothes (Jorah Mormont like).
– Added ambitions to obtain valyrian sowrd, obtain dragon egg and tame a dragon.
– Added the option to feed people you execute to your dragon.
– Special decision to northmen to execute prisonners on their own .
– Added a coronation event/decision.
– Added an event that informs every one of the new Lord commander of the watch.
– Enabled the polygamy events for the valyrian religion.
– Added Kingsguard lover intrigue event.
– Added a decision to request Lord Paramount title off the king.
– Added a narrative event when the king dies.
– Removed event where LP could declare independence if another LP already has (mega wars makes it redundant).
– Removed advance tech job actions.
– The random priest that can be generated via event 3021 now has the septon trait.
– Added event chain where a character can request a church career and eventually gain a priest trait.

Character setup:
– Fixed Lord Harlaw having +7500 relations with his vassals.
– Fixed Mormont Longclaw history.
– A bunch of characters are no longer married to themselves.
– Gave Blackfyre dynasty divine_blood.
– Padded out ancient Martell, Stark, Baratheon, Greyjoy and Tyrell family trees with siblings, to help them survive better.
– Improved Jory Cassel’s stats/traits.
– Argilac Durrendon is now married, to stop him marrying the princess of Dorne.
– Fixed Aegon the Conqueror’s father.
– Gave Hilmar the Cunning his nickname.
– Corrected Cerwyn/Tallhart/Glover ages.
– Made all historic Dorne Princess’ marriages matrilineal.
– Updated Rohanne Webber and her many husbands, which are all matrilinear marriages now.
– Padded out Ryswell cousins.
– Updated the Valeman Stark cousins.
– Scripted various captives for Clash of Kings.
– Corrected Mormont daughters ages, and added Alysanne’s children.
– Correct Domeric Bolton’s history.
– Added Lady Forlorn and Red Rain.
– Made Celtigars high valyrian/valyrian religion around Aegon’s Conquest.
– Gave Velaryons some DNA.
– Added some non-canon Summer Islander names.
– Reinstated all lovers in history files.
– Added House Uffering to a Reach barony.
– Removed celibate from Jaime, as it is evidently untrue.
– Gave Mern Gardener’s sons a Florent and Hightower wife, to stop them always marrying Argella Durrandon.
– Added Septon and Septa traits.
– Added crippled trait for Donal Noye.
– Fixed Aegon and Aemon Blackfyre’s ages.
– Historical Mormonts now worship Old Gods rather than the seven.
– Added random wives to historical targaryens without named ones.
– Fixed Daeron II’s marriage date.
– Greatly reduced Cersei and Robert’s opinion of eachother.
– Added Septa Mordane, tutor of Sansa and Arya Stark at Winterfell.
– Added Baelor’s stonemason and boy high septons.
– Removed Orys’ claim on Dragonstone from the time he gains the Stormlands.

Province and title setup:
– Added some merc ship companies, the AI seems to behave reasonably with them in.
– Added a Dragon Pit building, which increases the chance of taming/hatching dragons.
– Fixed the Mormonts being LP of the North in Aegon’s Conquest.
– Fixed cracklaw point/dragonstone sometimes being the crownlands in Seven Kingdoms.
– Made the Tyrells Lords of Manderford before the conquest.
– By the Old Gods and the New, Paradox actually fixed the Ned’s Beach Vacation bug! The North now has a small fleet in White Harbor.
– The Citadel will be granted its barony in Oldtown at the start of the game now.
– Gave a few ships to the watch at eastwatch by the sea.
– Initialisation event will now make all ironborn titles agnatic.
– Fixed The Paps being independent before Aegon’s conquest.

– Added the chance of the entire castle populace being killed in a siege of fire.
– Dragon trait now only gives 10 martial, but now gives a morale boost and increased vassal opinion.
– If you as a non-Iron Throne King conquer another kingdom with dragon conquest, you now get the enemy’s title rather than it being detroyed.
– Gifts now actually useful.
– Now when you win a rebellion war, vassals will have less chance to revolt for 300 days.
– Homosexuals now need to be rulers or ambitious to use the get married ambition.
– Executing traitors or murderers of your kin will no longer incur tyranny.
– Imprisoning attempted murderers no longer incurs tyranny.
– Fixed expanded keep giving a 50% levy increase.
– Increased prestige loss when marrying a lower tier to prevent player farming traits abusively.
– Characters will be more likely to join factions if you are refused a blessing by the High Septon.

Graphics and portraits:
– Included the borders submod.
– Applied the african portraits to the summer islanders (they will retain sand dornish looks if DLC is not owned, Dothraki will also now use this as a backup).
– Added CoA for House Tarbeck.
– Characters will have their adult face at 15 instead of 16 (less awkward when they marry early).
– Characters with the septon trait now get priest clothes and church backgrounds on portraits.

– Added ‘Priest’ court position with an action to convert populace.
– Added the Poor Fellows and Warrior’s Sons as Holy Orders and vassals of the High Septon.
– Changed the Lonely Light barony to a county and added the island in the correct position to the west of the Iron Isles.
– Faction AI tweaks.
– Allowed the AI to demand money from Vassals if their coffers are empty.
– Dragons can no longer be used in battle in the deserts and mountains of Dorne.
– Re-enabled Excommunication.
– Ironborn Kings no longer have Hands of the King.
– Added text for “After the Spring” bookmark description.

– Fixed ‘Defended me from Pope’ bug.
– Fixed elective succession not working for the Iron Isles in ACoK.
– Targaryens cannot be accused of incest now.
– Fixed targ dragon succession.
– Fixed top lieges being unable to win tourneys.
– Fixed dejure duchy drift destroying base value buildings.
– Fixed absence of Crownland base value buildings in Seven Kingdoms scenario.
– Dead characters shouldn’t be able to inherit swords/dragons now.
– Fixed the ‘Crown yourself King Beyond the Wall’ decision.
– Fixed win the war ambition.
– Salt wives and silent sisters can no longer use the get married ambition
– In the event where a vassal refuses to stand down, fixed granting a claim on vassal’s title not working.
– Fixed the NW calling for help event chain.
– Fixed a succession calculation problem with disinheritance.
– If you are targaryen your vassals will no longer bug you for Dragonstone. Your heir will do so instead.
– Fixed case of looping ‘rejoin king’s wars’ mega war event.

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Update on testing and 0.3.3 release date

Hi folks, 

We decided to refresh our batch of testers, so you want to be a tester for the mod, go there

There are responsabilities, so read the thread carefully. 

On 0.3.3 : we fixed the CTD, we are  releasing a 24H test version and plan a release for tomorrow evening (24th).

Brace yourself


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About CK2 version 1.08

Here we are, yesterday Paradox released their Sunset invasion DLC with 1.08 patch.

The patch itself is full of fixes, always welcome, and is allowing us to make female generals.

We are working on compatibility for now, it shouldn’t be long at all.

While you’re waiting, I’ll give you some changes likely to come (yes, we can always remove/change/add things until release)

Applied the African portraits to the summer islanders

Added some mercenary ship companies, the AI seems to behave reasonably with them in

Gifts are now actually useful/more effective

The North now has a small fleet in White Harbor

Improved factions

Added an event where wives can develop expensive tastes (Jorah Mormont-like)

Dragons can no longer be used in battle in the deserts and mountains of Dorne

Added a Septon trait

Added the option to execute people by feeding them to dragons

Added ‘Priest’ court position with an action to convert populace

Re-enabled Excommunication

Added a coronation event/decision

Added an event that informs every one of the new Lord Commander of the Nights Watch

Gave a few ships to the Nights Watch at Eastwatch-by-the-sea

Cheers, 0.3.3 is coming soon.

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Steam groups

Woot, 2 articles in a row !

We have set a steam group here

Why? Because it will be easier for planning MP games, and Mp games are very intense.


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ModDB and email updates

Hello folks,

We are proud to announce that we managed to get a ModDB profile page for the mod.

We hope that it will increase the popularity of ck2 and ours too. And that isn’t all, with ModDB you can be alerted on every release and have a decent and cosey place to download.

If you prefer to  receive every update by email, no problem : Subscribe to A Game of Thrones by Email

As always, if anyone with a talent wants to join the team just email us or go on our forum

Brace yourself, 0.3.3 is coming, and probably before winter 😉

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0.3.2 is here

Sorry a bit late to come on the blog, wont happen again.

Download A Game of Thrones v0.3.2 (Windows): HERE
Download A Game of Thrones v0.3.2 (Mac): HERE

Checksum: ZWAH
Compatible with: CK2 1.07b
Warning: This is a BETA version, so it might (in fact, it will most likely) contain bugs and unfinished features!

The installation procedure for the mod has changed! The mod files must now be copied to the /mod subfolder in the same Paradox/Crusader Kings II folder as your saved games. Windows users have been provided with an installer that performs this function automatically, while Mac users can find detailed installation instructions here.

Make sure you delete your old mod files before installing or unzipping the new version! Yes, this includes the ones in the old mod folder.

In a land where summers last for years and winters last for decades, nine great families struggle for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Take control of a noble house, from the Starks of Winterfell to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, and win the Iron Throne!

But remember, winter is coming.

Continue reading

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