[RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.0

Patch 1.0 Notes
We have decided that this version of the mod has pretty much everything in it that we set out to include 1.0. The World of ice Fire has been fully integrated into the mod, and all ? flags should now be gone. We now hope playing in Essos is as full and flavoursome experience as playing in Westeros. of course now we are out of beta feel free to deride us for bugs :D

Highlights of 1.0 are:
– Completed integration of World of Ice and Fire material
– Integrated some Horse Lords DLC features
– Added many new government types
– Others/White Walkers improvements
– Started a chronicle overhaul
– Plus many other additions, tweaks and fixes

Link : Click HERE

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8 thoughts on “[RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.0

  1. person59

    Does anybody know how to colonize in this update? Other than this problem, really solid thanks for the release!

    • Bino

      how did you get it to work I have been trying for days amd it crashes on startup everytime

  2. Tony

    I am having the same issue with it crashing after it finishes loading.

  3. Jake

    Can you please add a bookmark of the events before Renlys death. I want to play as him in the war but hes already dead. I’m aware that I can just move the time back a year but than the war doesn’t occur.

  4. CK


    Is ther any way I could use your council (from you wondeful mod) in the original CK2 to have a larger council???

    Will the files for the council work on the original CK2? If so how could it be done?

  5. asloasloasloa

    new update pls

  6. Zansummer

    game crashes ever load up any help you can give me

  7. Hunter

    I’ve found if this mod crashes on startup. In CK2’s properties menu in Steam, go to the betas menu and load an older version of CK2. After it downloads the older version, try starting the mod up then. That’s consistently worked for me in the past.

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