0.6.1 Update

Patch 0.6.1 Notes
This update mainly brings the mod up to date with the latest patch and DLC, utilising some of the new features added.

– Mod updated for patch 2.1.3
– Many history and database updates based on new WoIaF app info
– Dothraki and Dragon improvements
– Unsullied and War Elephants
– Added EU4 converter support

Download, support and everything is here  : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic5512.html

About Steam Workshop, we are looking into uploading the mod. But be patient.

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Crusader kings II update from 25/03

As Rajas of India has been released the mod isn’t compatible at the moment.

Still you can play it by reverting to the last beta with steam (2.x).

The mod is compatible right now but we are aiming to add new features before unleashing the update, it will also come on the workshop.


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[Release] A game of Thrones 0.6

Patch 0.6 Notes

Dragons and Dothraki are the highlights of this update. The Dothraki Sea is no longer inactive, Dothraki Khals now being fully playable. They work quite differently from other characters, so reading the manual entry on them is advised! Also the CTD problems should be mostly fixed now.

– Dothraki now fully playable- please see manual for details
– Dragons are now characters rather than traits. Most events and decisions reworked to reflect this. other Dragon changes include:
– Unlanded Dragon Riders can now can on duchy adventures
– Dragon riders can now choose sides in mega wars like small Lords
– Revamped dragon duels, there can now be multiple dragons on each side and they are also more deadly

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.

Please do not report bugs here, and suggestions are to be given on the dev forum. (link below)

Download link : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic5126.html

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[Release] 0.5.1

Patch 0.5.1 Notes
This update is mainly fixes and tweaks, much of which has come from feedback from yourselves. Slavery and Wildlings in particular have had a good seeing to. We’ve also extended the map to Asshai, mainly to give the Qartheen guilds more room to trade and for completeness. The blank areas will not be getting filled in anytime soon, due to a lack of canon information. The Westerosi titular kingdoms have also been integrated into the main mod, so you can try and forge a new Kingdom!

Important Notes:
– You may notice an enormous area called the Dothraki Sea, it is currently inactive as the Dothraki mechanics have not been completed yet.
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.

Download, changelog and discussions here : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic4933.html

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[Release] A game of thrones v0.5 (Essos)

It is the day !
Essos is released, but not alone, the update comes with the largest bunch of features you’ll ever see 🙂

Patch 0.5 Notes
Essos has finally arrived! This huge new continent contains hundreds of new provinces and characters, from the Free Cities to all the way upto Qarth in East, and from Ibben in the North to the Summer Islands in the south. With this new continent many existing mechanics and scenarios have been adjusted. The most noteworthy additions are:
– Slavery- an extensive system has been added to model the slave trade in the east
– Piracy- Take control of a pirate in the Stepstones or Basilisk Isles
– Ninepenny Kings Scenario- Try and conquer Westeros as Maelys Blackfyre
– Bleeding Years scenario

Other changes include:
– Added a Faith Militant Uprising bookmark based on information from the Worldbook preview
– The High Septon is now elected using DLC cardinal mechanics. Old system still used if DLC is not active
– Added a new set of crown laws for The Seven called Faith Authority to replace the Investiture laws

Important Notes:
– You may notice an enormous area called the Dothraki Sea, it is currently inactive as the Dothraki mechanics have not been completed yet.
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.

To download the update and see the full changelog : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic4502.html

To vote for us in the mod of the year 2013 award :http://www.moddb.com/mods/crusader-kings-2-a-game-of-thrones-ck2agot

Our steamgroup : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gameofthronesck2

Our subreddit : http://www.reddit.com/r/CK2GameOfthrones/

Annnnnnd the newsletter subscription : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wordpress/yqww&loc=en_US

Note : Bugs and suggestions are to be reported on our dev forum, not here

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A youtube sneakpeak of Essos

Here is a mega treat : youtube video letsplay ! Remember it comes out the 17th !

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Essos last dev diary – Release Date

So it’s December and the promised release of Essos is on track. Testing is going well so, barring unforeseen circumstances, we shall be releasing on Tuesday 17th December! In the meantime here is a couple of things we’ve been doing:

Dany Quest
Daenerys is obviously a very important character in the Song of Ice and Fire, and so we have given her a detailed event chain that spans the Clash of Kings and Feast for crows scenarios to try and recreate her story for the player in the mod.


The main chain will follow her progress from Qarth to Astapor where she claims an Unsullied army. From there the player must defeat the other cities of Slaver’s Bay, and will hopefully one day eradicate slavery and return to Westeros. There are a few tangents the player can go on as well, maybe you will choose not to go to Slaver’s bay and go straight to your homeland to reclaim your birthright?

Faith of the Seven
The Sons of Abraham DLC has given us an opportunity to expand on the Faith somewhat. We have applied the Cardinal mechanics to the Faith, so the High Septon is elected by a Council of the Most Devout. We’ve also taken many of the flavour events from the DLC and given them an AGOT twist. The High Septon can now also be much more important and powerful within a Kingdom, that is if his Faith Authority is high enough:

As you can see the higher his authority the more power he has within the realm, on medium or higher for example the Faith is allowed to arm and form the Holy orders of the Faith Militant. There also buildings which can now be built in temple holdings for certain religions. The Faith can build them if they have High Faith Authority:

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The moddb contest : second phase

Mod of the Year Awards

Hi mates,
It seems we have passed the first step of the moddb contest, so we are in the top 100.

That’s a good news for grand strategy gaming, but it’s not over yet. In roughly 10 days, the final winners will be shown, and game of thrones has it’s chances. 

You may vote fot AGOT  if you like us, if you played countless hours or if you don’t want to see DayZ win 🙂

Oh and Essos is still coming soonish !
Happy end of the week

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MODD mod of the year award 2013

Hi fellows,

As the mod is in testing stage for the 2.0.1 compatibility, Moddb is launching it’s yearly contest for the “mod of the Year”.

Last time we were just in time and didn’t get a lot of votes, but this time we should be in the top 100 quite easily (maybe even in top 10 😉 )

So if you have a moddb account and want to give your unique vote to us, we will be extremely pleased !

Here is the link : http://www.moddb.com/mods/crusader-kings-2-a-game-of-thrones-ck2agot

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Essos Dev diary : Some Flavour

Essos information has been scarce these past few months, the reason being a lot of us have been busy in that time and progress has slowed. But rest assured we are still going, we have decided on a vague plan to make our next release an Essos one. This will be after Sons of Abraham has been released so we can take advantage of any features we can use for the mod. So hopefully a December release! In the meantime here is some things we have been working on:

The regions of the Stepstones and the Basilisk islands shall be inhabited by pirates! Aurane Waters shall be a playable pirate in A Feast for Crows:

As you can see pirates have their own piracy religion which both allows them to raid provinces and negotiate rivers. They have mechanics very similar to that of the Wildlings, in that they have a free invasion casus belli and a philosophy of only following strong rulers. If you have a weak heir your realm will fracture with all higher titles being destroyed, but of course you can try and rebuild your pirate realm if this happens.

The Free City of Volantis has a unique system of Governance which we are trying to replicate in the mod. Volantis is ruled by three Triarchs with equal power that are elected in yearly elections. Of course the game engine only allows for one ruler who directs foreign policy and the like, but we have introduced an election system whereby two junior Triarchs are elected each year:


Any landholder of the republic chooses a political party: Either the Elephants, the party of merchants, or the Tigers, the party of the warriors. Any Valyrian party member of the republic can stand for Triarch:

At the moment the head Triarch, the ruler of the republic, rules for life (something which we are hoping will become moddable in the next patch so they to are elected yearly). The junior Triarchs, elected yearly, have a few powers they can wield against the senior Triarch, including veto of wars of aggression and appointments to the council:

But if a Triarch doesnt toe the party line, e.g. the Elephant party expects Elephant Triarchs to veto wars, the party members will be unhappy and their re-election will become less likely. To balance this Elephant pacifism Elephant patricians can much more easily sieze trade posts from non-Elephant patrticians using party support. Hopefully this will all make Volantis a more unique merchant republic to play!

The Bleeding Years
After the Doom of Valyria and before Aegon Targaryen invaded Westeros, the nobles of Volantis tried to establish a new Valyrian Freehold themselves, conquering Myr and Lys before attacking Tyrosh, upon which Aegon came upon his Dragon to oppose them. In the Bleeding Years scenario, which has replaced the Seven Kingdoms, the war betwen Volantis and Tyrosh is in full swing:

If the Volantenes are successful they can continue their war against the other free cities, with the aim of unifying the new Freehold.

Not techinally Essos related, but cool nonetheless, Giants can now emerge as characters in wildling courts via a fairly rare event:

That is all for now!

Discuss the Dev diary with us :

Subscribe to the newsletter :

The download page on Moddb :

And finally the official Steam group :

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