An Eye on Datas

Hello folks, Paradox studio released some datas about the mods :

Mod Popularity – March 2013
22% of all users who played CK2 in March tried a mod at least once.

9,8% – Game of Thrones
6,0% – CK2+
2,0% – The Prince and the Thane
0,9% – Lux Invicta
0,7% – Project Balance
0,6% – A New World, The Dawn of Empires.

It means we are the most played mod for crusader kings II, yay 🙂

We had a lot of success on mod db (often 1st, 15th as I write this news)

This can be explained by the Show re-starting, some news about the release (kotaku, pc gamer), the trailer, and perhaps the quality of the mod itself 😉

Before we come back with new infos about the mod, I’ll leave you all the good links to help us improve the mod (still lots of things to do)

Our forum –

Mod DB –

Steam group –

And the newsletter –

Valar Morghulis

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New ck2 update [1.092]

Today, crusader kings II has been updated to version 1.092.

if you are using steam or made the update, the mod is still playable, but armies won’t move due to new parameters from Paradox.

So you guys will have to wait from an official patch from us, or come by the citadel where some people have updated a temporary fix

link to the fix :

See you with news on the next update soon

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AAR Competition – The Winners


We have had a little AAR competition, now that it it finished here are the results and the links to the AAR.

3rd Place and the winner of a character with a unique house and COA to place in any court in Westeros:
Deaghaidh with Queen of the Burning Sky, A House Targaryen AAR set during the Dance of Dragons.

Joint 2nd place, and the winners of a character with a unique house and COA in a spare barony of their choosing, are:
Kingslayer with The Lion and the Tiger, A House Darkholme AAR set from the time of Aegon the Conqueror, and…
etzel with From Lords to Kings, A House Badics AAR set from the time of Robert’s Rebellion.

And the winner, who shall win a character with a unique house and COA and a new unique Valyrian Sword, is:
JimThePocket with Release The Kraken!, a House Greyjoy AAR set from the time of the War of the Five Kings.

As a thanks for participating all entrants can create a character to place in the Night’s Watch, to forever guard the realms of men 🙂

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New unofficial Trailer

Thanks to VxXxV

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0.3.4 update and artists needed

While we are hammering the last nails on 0.3.4, we would like to make a call

We would like some new loading screens and event pictures and every artist with just a little time is good to take 😉

Of course, links to some work of yours will be asked, you can present yourself there  :

So stay tunned for a release, we only have to fix some CTD which seem related to ACOK scenario and polish the baby

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Happy new year

Here you sit at the grand table, our vassals are there, even the ones who dislike you or are secretly plotting your disgrace.

You are drinking Dornish wine, or Harbour wine if you are wealthy enough. There is this fat lord that keeps yelling, forbiding you to hear this singer’s song : the only way to escape this boring ceremony.

You are surprising yourself wanting to be a peasant, doing what you want, life as simple as cutting wood, a delight.

When your Maester storms in, the singer stops, everyone stops, the old man is winded.

– What happens ?

– My Lord, Paradox’s Realm announced they are doing a republic DLC !

– This can’t be possible, are you sure ?

– On my life, they did, it’s coming January 14th

Every lord and commoners in the room is staring at you, watching on what will be your next move.

Then you draw your sword, trying to be as solemn as possible, after all this is what was needed to make this “feast” interesting :

Then war it is, again ! Squire ! Assemble everything we’ve got : Bugfixes, content, new bookmarks, dragons and factions. We are marching soon !


Because after all, you remind yourself that you are a good lord and that the kingdom of AGOT is at least keeping it’s promises to it’s subjects.

Happy new year to everyone, may 2013 be a year full of thrones

Click there to see Vary’s report for 2012, learn about yourself

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A little reminder

I don’t really like to bother you with contests

But there are only a  few hours remaining to vote for the mod of the year, and there will be a treat for you all if we manage to be in the top 100


Vote here

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About CK2 version 1.08

Here we are, yesterday Paradox released their Sunset invasion DLC with 1.08 patch.

The patch itself is full of fixes, always welcome, and is allowing us to make female generals.

We are working on compatibility for now, it shouldn’t be long at all.

While you’re waiting, I’ll give you some changes likely to come (yes, we can always remove/change/add things until release)

Applied the African portraits to the summer islanders

Added some mercenary ship companies, the AI seems to behave reasonably with them in

Gifts are now actually useful/more effective

The North now has a small fleet in White Harbor

Improved factions

Added an event where wives can develop expensive tastes (Jorah Mormont-like)

Dragons can no longer be used in battle in the deserts and mountains of Dorne

Added a Septon trait

Added the option to execute people by feeding them to dragons

Added ‘Priest’ court position with an action to convert populace

Re-enabled Excommunication

Added a coronation event/decision

Added an event that informs every one of the new Lord Commander of the Nights Watch

Gave a few ships to the Nights Watch at Eastwatch-by-the-sea

Cheers, 0.3.3 is coming soon.

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Steam groups

Woot, 2 articles in a row !

We have set a steam group here

Why? Because it will be easier for planning MP games, and Mp games are very intense.


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ModDB and email updates

Hello folks,

We are proud to announce that we managed to get a ModDB profile page for the mod.

We hope that it will increase the popularity of ck2 and ours too. And that isn’t all, with ModDB you can be alerted on every release and have a decent and cosey place to download.

If you prefer to  receive every update by email, no problem : Subscribe to A Game of Thrones by Email

As always, if anyone with a talent wants to join the team just email us or go on our forum

Brace yourself, 0.3.3 is coming, and probably before winter 😉

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