[Release] AGOT 0.8

Patch 0.8 Notes
In this update The Night’s watch and the White Walkers have received some love, with many improvements, fixes and additions being added which hopefully make the area more playable. The details are listed below. As usual, many fixes, tweaks and new flavour have also been added.

– Many White Walkers improvements/fixes
– Night’s watch revamp
– Titular kingdoms for Essos
– Essos flavour
– Dynamic Golden Company invasions
– A new ‘Prison Break’ event series


Download here

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15 thoughts on “[Release] AGOT 0.8

  1. oh. Many new great features too. Yes my attention. I like this new thing.

  2. i screwed up and got the new Charlemagne on steam. and now my beloved mod will not play.

  3. even if i turn off Charlemagne i cant get it to run. how do i un-update ck2?

  4. id sell my soul to get this to work. i dont even know who to pay

  5. Alec

    Do Not Post Questions Here

  6. NPC

    I feel sorry for the creators of this mod. They come out with this huge update right before the new expansion breaks it. It was fantastic for those 10 days though. Keep up the great work.

  7. this was really fun for the first week b4 i broke it and got the update.. but i miss the nonsense of creating dragon republics. it was silly but so funny. it created a bunch of random dragon courtiers. but only dragons in culture and religion not with the powerful dragon trait. granting titles to mounts reminds me of the horse that became a senator in rome

  8. i was trying to see if you can switch religions. there is one white walker that does not have the white walker trait. (the priest i think) i was hoping if i switched faiths i could invite him to my court. and give him a title. trying to be the Night King all over again.

  9. Alec

    So Meraxes Is Silver with Golden Eyes Did Not See That Coming !!!!! {Too bad for Rhaenys}

  10. Gab94000

    is it works for 2.2 version of CK II?

  11. Zaeke

    you can put Ck2 back to 2.1.6 in the downloads beta section in steam to keep you over in the mean time

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