[Release] A game of Thrones 0.7

Patch 0.7 Notes
There are lots of small changes in this update. Some recent ‘World of Ice and Fire’ extracts have allowed us to expand our history setup, detailed changes are found below. We’ve also tried to make the various Westerosi regions slightly more unique by varying the troop composition found in each region. Other highlights include:

– Overhauled tourneys. Characters now match up in duel-like jousts.
– Adjusted claimant adventures. Adventurers now usually require gold to accumalate an army, the size of which increases the wealthier they are. They can also ask nearby rulers for funding.
– Ironborn may now have to duel wielders of valyrian blades to steal them whilst raiding
– Rebalanced the Conquest of Dorne scenario. The lords of Dorne are now in revolt against the Tyrells only, giving them a chance of winning.
– Updated immediate Stark family tree
– More flags
– Added House Codd

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.


Download here : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic6242.html

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11 thoughts on “[Release] A game of Thrones 0.7

  1. Boston Rob

    where to download? good timing by the way 😀

  2. i find it funny you’re claiming at the bottom of your forum that “This modification and forum takes no income or profit, whether it be through donations, advertisements or any other form of revenue.”
    Only to then turn almost every single link into a paid ad for Facebook or other companies.
    I have no problem with you making some (or even a lot of) money from this, in fact good on you, but please don’t do it in such a dirty way.
    Just have the adds out in the open. Not so that when someone clicks a link which they expect to lead to a download or something, they end up looking at Facebook.com.

    • Ads are from WordPress, I don’t even see them as I use adblock. I don’t even know how you can arrive on them just clickling on “download”

    • Well I suspect you have clicked on an old download link and an ad from mediafire. That’s not ours. Anyway we have updated this page

  3. Zedzaw

    I noticed that you removed the reynes rebellion and just made so that Tywin suddenly just gets castamere and tarbeck castle. Is this for ballance because I personally preferred when it happend with a “real” war.

  4. JeffS.

    I downloaded, and it crashes very quickly. Is this due to CKII’s new patch?

  5. FreddieFoxxx

    Absolutely love this mod. Seriously big thanks to the mod team. Anxiously awaiting a patch for 2.1.5 so i can get back at it. Thanks again for the hard work guys.

  6. why does my childrens culture change from High Valyrian to West Valyrian after a few days of them being born?

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