[Release] A Game Of Thrones 0.6.2

First I’m sorry that Feedburner had a bug and was sending newsletters everyday. I had to disable it until I find a solution.

So good news now with a new release :

Patch 0.6.2 Notes
This update addresses some bugs that arose from the update to the last vanilla patch, as well as being compatible with patch 2.1.4

– The Jogos Nhai now use Dothraki nomadism
– Many dragon fixes
– Mammoths

Important Note:
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.

To discuss and download it , go there : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/post55244.html

Every comments about bugs, difficulties and suggestions here are being ignored, we use the forum for them.


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10 thoughts on “[Release] A Game Of Thrones 0.6.2

  1. Firmin de Chatoiseaux

    Hi, I know we are not supposed to tell our problems here but I lost my password from the forum so I tell here:
    The last Scenario makes the game crash if you put the french traduction. I reinstalled in normal mode and it works. That’s all. Sorry and thanks for that amazing job that you do.


      oe trade bug des fois,mais c’est presque rien le trade change juste les noms

  2. ICE

    Great Game Guys

  3. bobi

    I am not allowed to play with any character!!!

  4. Ave Satanus 666

    cause you’re a moron bobi


    sometimes you’re allowed to chose a character who isn’t in your court and neither a directe vasal to lead an army but sometimes you only can chose characters in your court and your direct vasals to lead your army, there is no way to change this and allow the player to chose characters in his whole territory to lead his army?
    (for example you can’t chose rayland sarwyck to lead the lannisters army because he isn’t a directe vassal of lannisters)

  6. Confusedone

    Hi, i’m having a problem. The Dothraki sea and many areas around it are not available even though this is the latest patch.
    I also can’t play as Joffrey. Help?

  7. mike

    plz translat the game in germen

    • p1ff

      Learn some english dude, nobody cares about your ignorance, after all you lost the bloody war

    • If anyone wants to do it he can, but I’m not going to try with my “knowledge” from french-german classes

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