0.6.1 Update

Patch 0.6.1 Notes
This update mainly brings the mod up to date with the latest patch and DLC, utilising some of the new features added.

– Mod updated for patch 2.1.3
– Many history and database updates based on new WoIaF app info
– Dothraki and Dragon improvements
– Unsullied and War Elephants
– Added EU4 converter support

Download, support and everything is here Β :Β http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic5512.html

About Steam Workshop, we are looking into uploading the mod. But be patient.

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33 thoughts on “0.6.1 Update

  1. Haavard

    EUIV converter support. Oh. My. God. I love you.


    Crash while playing-_-

  3. George

    Hey Just an idea but Lords in general could have their own personal Guards Kind of like the Kingsguard but only from their vassalage and not as glorified.So here is a request from me and my friends could you Please add what i just stated in i think it would be awsome

  4. Am I literally the only person who still can’t figure out how to get it to show in the mods selection window? I have tried every tutorial but it’s all entirely outdated. Can someone please tell me, step by step like I’m retarded, what the fuck I’m supposed to do? q.q

  5. aja32

    Thanks for all your work on this. Great mod – has given me hours of enjoyment. Best ASOIAF mod out there/

  6. Borderline5

    why dont the dragons list under childern under their dragons rider i got the update and i dont think it is working properly help please

  7. Zachary

    Just a simple suggestion, i mean there is this patron god decision in Raja, and theres seven sides to the god of the faith of seven. So……….
    The Warrior- adds martial and improve your fighting
    The maiden- adds diplomacy
    The mother – adds fertility
    The father – adds monthly prestige or more likeable by your vassel
    The Crone- adds learning and stewardship
    The Smith- ??????
    The Stranger-????? add intrigue?
    And there could events related to these worships, like if you are real devout follower of the maiden, she might one day grant you the fair trait. The crone make you a genius, the warrior make you strong. The mother makes you or your wife pregnant. The father make you authoritative or grants you claims to somewhere.
    And for the smith, it might grants you a valyrian steel sword, and the worshippers of the strangers might have option of killing someone by sacrificing someone in your court.
    For those who wants the mod developers to do this in the future, please help me and yourself by commenting that you want this addup tooooooooooo.
    PLEASE, mod master grant me this addup, it will be sooooooo fun

    • That sounds neat, but it doesn’t really work with the lore, no one in ASOIAF really worships one of the seven in particular, they just pray to the different aspects in different situations. As for the events, the only reason that R’hllor and the other religions have events is because they happened in the book, the gods you are describing are not the seven from game of thrones.

      • Not to be a dick or anything …….. but I don’t agree with that interpretation of the lore. True that the seven are all different aspects of the same divinity but, some people in the book defiantly affiliate with certain ones. Like the silent sisters being dedicated specifically to the Stranger. The Seven system seems to resemble Hinduism in which all the gods are aspects or avatars of the “Brahmin” but they viewed and worshiped as individuals.

  8. Martin

    When a great war starts, there is a pop up ,every month or so, telling me that it shouldn’t be there for the public release.


    euh i am the only one who cannot play at a pirat?

    • You have to start a game then switch to them. For some reason the pirate characters aren’t on the map until after you start.

  10. Misran

    This is a beta release as it is said on the mods forum.Also this mod has lots of bugs.I can’t even get the family selection event to happen.

  11. Urnathok

    Just a couple of things I noticed:
    -Like the comment above mentions, the event for choosing a great house in the ruler designer doesn’t fire.
    -The latest patch changed a bunch of values in the designer to ones that don’t make much sense. Like, why does Ambitious save you a decade while Content is so expensive it’s almost unplayable? Do you all have any plans to revise the designer values like in the last version?
    -Other than that, I’ve noticed the portraits in the thumbnails look a little smushed, but I think that may be an issue on my end. Like Daenarys has a jutting forehead and Petyr’s eyes are beadier than usual.

  12. has anyone tried converting to EU4?

  13. Chill Out

    When I tried to convert to EU4 : the game crashed apparently due to a C++ problem “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.” And the converted save doesn’t appear in the Eu4 launcher. But it’s not an urgent matter, AGOT seets better to ck2 πŸ˜€ I hope that will help in some way ^^

    And thanks from France for creating this mod !

  14. ZedZaw

    Just a small request would be to have some events around the Castamere rebellion like the ones in Roberts Rebellion and others.

    Thank you for reading this and please never stop updating this πŸ˜€

  15. andy

    hi, whenever i unpause the game for the first time it will play for 3-4 seconds and then immediately crash to desktop without any notice whatsoever, i really want to play the game and would love if you could help me sort this out πŸ™‚

  16. John

    could you please clarify these sentences from the instructions for mac installation: “At this point your game should boot but quit out on the loading screens. Dumping the loading screens folder inside “gfx” fixes this issue and the game should boot. By dumping, does that mean i should delete the “loading screens” folder, as it was already inside the “gfx” folder when I downloaded the mod update.

  17. Adam

    I play on a MacBook Pro and after hitting play in steam, a little CK2 launcher popped up that allowed me to select which DLC and Mods I wanted to play with. That is no longer appearing and it just heads straight into the basic game with all DLC. So basically, I don’t know how to get into the GoT’s mod anymore. Any suggestions?

  18. ICE

    It would be awesome if the Ai wouldn’t let older houses be so easily displaced over a prolonged period of time after all some of the Nobel Westerosi houses did rule for thousands of years e.g. the falcon kings of the vale ruled since the Andal invasion and house Targaryen did rule westeros for 283 years granted they had there ups and downs Blackfyre pretenders rebellious houses…. after there dragons died they did have a hard time of it but they managed until that fat drunk Robert screwed everything up but I guess he wasn’t to blame entirely the defiance of Duskendale did mess Aerys up….. Anyways im pretty sure Urrax should be in the bleeding years scenario…. expanding on dragon traits would be great greenfyre or something like that to add to martial bonus letting us choose a dragon name would be cool too and I think that valyrian arakhs would be a great option {to reforge in eastern cultures} and when passing through the smoking sea we should have a greater chance of finding treasure or dying ….. at least some part of valyrian should be colonisable giving similar dragon benefits as the dragonmont this in my personal opinion should also be extended in varying degrees of magnitude across the de jure of north valyria…. better chances of a east valyrian taming dragons would be great too πŸ˜‰ and if house Dayne were to maintain there valyrian features as a family thing Thanx

  19. ICE

    I’ve finally done it a dynasty over 800 years renamed house Blackfyre chosen in ruler designer bound dragons and executed every Targaryen and unified the known world without cheats !!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  20. Dan

    Why not make Dire wolves characters as well with special Warg events ….Breeding options Via Intrigue just like slaves……. and their own traits
    And Why Is HBO screwing up the plotline first cerci’s rape then this shit (episode 4) it leaves much to be desired really ghost is a captive really and so many other things tip of the iceberg people tip of the iceberg there fucking it all up

  21. rich

    Keep getting c++ runtime error. Latest patches of both game and mod. It’s driving me nuts. Every 5 minutes

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