Crusader kings II update from 25/03

As Rajas of India has been released the mod isn’t compatible at the moment.

Still you can play it by reverting to the last beta with steam (2.x).

The mod is compatible right now but we are aiming to add new features before unleashing the update, it will also come on the workshop.


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24 thoughts on “Crusader kings II update from 25/03

  1. Musland

    Hey guys, first of all I am a huge fan of your work. It is really awesome. Any hints you might be able to drop about some new features we can look forward too. Also you must hear this all the time, but any rough idea on when we can expect the new update? Keep up the good Work and greetings from Germany.

  2. Marcis

    So we can’t play the game of thrones mod??


      you need to change the version of the game on steam,you put the version 2.0.4 and you can play the mod without crash

    • sstatus, go to your Steam Library. Right-click on Crusader Kings II in your Steam Library list and select Properties on the pop-up menu (all the way at the bottom). There will be a tab in the Crusader Kings II – Properties window that says BETAS. In the BETAS tab there is a drop-down menu to select, 2.0.4 – Old version 2.0.4. By default it will say, NONE – Opt out of all beta programs.

  3. Misran

    Great mod guys.I’m really enjoying it.Keep up the good work and any idea when you will be releasing the update? Thanks in advance for all the future updates.

  4. Jon

    Well, I can’t play it even with the older version. I juggled with the dlc but to luck. I’ll just wait and try again with your next release

  5. LL

    Will I still be able to use the latest AGOT update if I have chosen not to purchase the latest crusader kings update?

  6. Mahuzin


  7. Alex

    Is there anybody who has been able to play on the old version with Windows 7?

  8. You guys do great work. For reasons that are too complected/boring to explain in a forum I can’t roll back my game’s version. So do you guys have a rough estimate of when the mod will be compatible w/Rajas update? Not asking for details or promises just a days or weeks figure.

  9. Dan

    Fucking Gay Guys FUCKKING GAY

  10. Gotserved531

    Ach, just came back and decided that I would check out CK2 AGOT. Sadly, despite everything I’ve done I can’t get the game to work – it just crashes after loading up and doesn’t even make it too the starting screen. I don’t think its a problem with my memory or anything of that sort, and I did change the beta to 2.0.4. Anyone have any suggestions?

  11. Boston Rob

    Come on guys..Im ready to pay for it if u guys gonna be faster and be up to date with data…Im sure others will agree with me as well

    prove to us you are worth the money, I believe in you


    in the next update the dragons would have a real picture of a dragon?

  13. When the new version comes out our saved games will be intact, right?

  14. Jeff

    Please add the selecting your heir option fro Raja’s

  15. Joshua Southwell

    I sometimes wonder how many units of Crusader Kings 2 have been sold just because of this mod. I know my copy was. This is honestly amazing, well done. You can’t rush brilliance. Keep at it.

  16. Jongtu

    My body cant handle checking this website every two hours. Please give us something to pin our hopes to!

    • I’m right there with yah. We should start a “mod addicts anonymous” group. I imagine meetings would be attended exclusively via telepresence.

  17. Just to clarify. Is the new update going to be just enough to make the mod playable and a few new things. Or are you guys going to put out 0.7? I imagen the former would take a lot less time.

    Plus, can you give us any sort of time frame for when this update will come out. Just like “this month” or “next month” or “when it’s done” or “stop stalking us” or “seriously get a life” or “stop standing outside my house I’m calling the cops”

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