[Release] 0.5.1

Patch 0.5.1 Notes
This update is mainly fixes and tweaks, much of which has come from feedback from yourselves. Slavery and Wildlings in particular have had a good seeing to. We’ve also extended the map to Asshai, mainly to give the Qartheen guilds more room to trade and for completeness. The blank areas will not be getting filled in anytime soon, due to a lack of canon information. The Westerosi titular kingdoms have also been integrated into the main mod, so you can try and forge a new Kingdom!

Important Notes:
– You may notice an enormous area called the Dothraki Sea, it is currently inactive as the Dothraki mechanics have not been completed yet.
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.

Download, changelog and discussions here : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic4933.html

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10 thoughts on “[Release] 0.5.1

  1. ICE


  2. Alex

    Having a glitch whereby no tournaments are happening at all and also the Free Cities basically disintegrated. All the courtiers flooded into Westeros and the lands across the Narrow Sea became unclickable. Any ideas on this guys? (I know this isn’t the place to post bugs but wasn’t sure where to go!)

  3. Dan

    Less run time errors KOOL When will the Dothraki Sea Start working ????

  4. Josh

    Can not seem to play as Dany with latest patch. Says I can not play as republics. I do have the republic DLC though.



  6. Any fix for the can not play republics thing cuz I I’m watching a lets play as Daenerys Targaryen so I know it was avalable at some previous point.

  7. Dan

    Dothraki Sea ????
    Unique Dragon Name’s ????
    White Walkers ????
    Anyone ????

  8. The slavery still needs worked on.
    Taking a kingdom or empire causes the legal slavery drop back down to illegal.
    And after a little while playing, slavery law may have both legal and illegal checked.
    And after awhile, the slave camps decrease and there’s no fix. It drops after every few months… So there are problems with it.

  9. Cobalt King

    Any Day Now Guys……………

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