[Release] A game of thrones v0.5 (Essos)

It is the day !
Essos is released, but not alone, the update comes with the largest bunch of features you’ll ever see 🙂

Patch 0.5 Notes
Essos has finally arrived! This huge new continent contains hundreds of new provinces and characters, from the Free Cities to all the way upto Qarth in East, and from Ibben in the North to the Summer Islands in the south. With this new continent many existing mechanics and scenarios have been adjusted. The most noteworthy additions are:
– Slavery- an extensive system has been added to model the slave trade in the east
– Piracy- Take control of a pirate in the Stepstones or Basilisk Isles
– Ninepenny Kings Scenario- Try and conquer Westeros as Maelys Blackfyre
– Bleeding Years scenario

Other changes include:
– Added a Faith Militant Uprising bookmark based on information from the Worldbook preview
– The High Septon is now elected using DLC cardinal mechanics. Old system still used if DLC is not active
– Added a new set of crown laws for The Seven called Faith Authority to replace the Investiture laws

Important Notes:
– You may notice an enormous area called the Dothraki Sea, it is currently inactive as the Dothraki mechanics have not been completed yet.
– If you are wondering about the question mark flags everywhere, there are currently no flags for many areas.

To download the update and see the full changelog : http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic4502.html

To vote for us in the mod of the year 2013 award :http://www.moddb.com/mods/crusader-kings-2-a-game-of-thrones-ck2agot

Our steamgroup : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gameofthronesck2

Our subreddit : http://www.reddit.com/r/CK2GameOfthrones/

Annnnnnd the newsletter subscription : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wordpress/yqww&loc=en_US

Note : Bugs and suggestions are to be reported on our dev forum, not here

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21 thoughts on “[Release] A game of thrones v0.5 (Essos)

  1. ICE

    Great thanks a lot you certainly made my day and many more to come 🙂 I am very grateful and appreciate all the hard work put in to make this …

  2. Delirian

    Thanx for the work. I can’t play a lot because of my work but my nights are more fantastics because of you.
    Et j’ai voté pour vous les gars, votre travail mérite clairement récompense.

  3. Junma

    I get an error in the starting loading screen, “GRRM’s Touch”, “Painting” and after that one it crashes with the following error : http://i44.tinypic.com/w7k95f.jpg

    • don’t report bugs here, see the link in the article to do so.
      Also, you need to clean previous version of the mod in your documents/paradox/ck2..

    • Junma

      On the part of “Creating borders” and other stuff. I have CK2 up to date, 2.0.2.

  4. To those who are experiencing runtime errors, many are fixing this by disabling Sons of Abraham DLC.

  5. Mr.Orange

    Awesome guys! Thanks for the hard work!

  6. Fisherking

    Become a pirate. Enslave Daenerys. Take over Myr. Raid the West with an army of thralls, mercenaries and professional warriors. I like.

    • Fisherking

      The only thing missing is the Dothraki: Once that’s been implemented, my social life is over.

  7. Impersonater

    That and some flags 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work! This is awesome and just in time for the semester to be over!

  8. Admo

    The next child my leader has will be named ‘Tom Palmer’. Patch .5 is perfect, hope you guys get mod of the year.


    too much bug events with the kalessi


    it is possible to cg=hange the culture of lands without colonization ?

  11. alexandre

    Hi as a Linux user I see that your mod is not case sensitive friendly and I would be happy to help make it so, it is mainly a lot of files trying to load for exemple a Model but the file is written as model. I would be down to help, just email me.

  12. ICE

    White Walkers Would Be INSANE plus more valyrian steel swords…..Oh and Children of the forest 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Ahamed Mahuzin

    Great job , guys & thanks 4 u r hardwork done on this update…!

  14. Alec

    Awesome Usurp the seven kingdoms,subjugate Esso’s and enslave the summer isles
    Mwahahaha 🙂

  15. Dan

    Cool you guys added a lot of area, but you spread it a little thin how about some depth you know more events to give it a stronger game of thrones vibe unique opportunities etc. ^^^^^

  16. Zgadzam się w pełni z tym wpisem

  17. Jameik

    how do I play?

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