A youtube sneakpeak of Essos

Here is a mega treat : youtube video letsplay ! Remember it comes out the 17th !

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13 thoughts on “A youtube sneakpeak of Essos

  1. Why does it need to come out on a Tuesday!

  2. Wow cant wait until tomorrow my Birthday is tomorrow :p Pretty plz 😉

  3. Kevin

    My Game just updated to 2.0.2… is this going to affect you guys??

    • Tim Lee

      perhaps not, considering the update uses some of the Sons of Abraham content (The High Septon operates like the Pope)

  4. All Hail King ARUMBA!

  5. ICE

    WHERE IS IT ????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Alexholberg


  7. ICE

    “Unforeseen circumstances” I take it….. 😦

  8. Kietzel

    guys, the update is on the ModDB site

  9. love it, but did notice playing as a Freeholder lord got some CTDs

  10. kkk

    Shame I got only 20 seconds into the video before hitting an unnecessary spoiler.
    Any chance you give a sneak preview to someone who isn’t clearly getting off on ruining the story for those who haven’t read/seen everything?

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