MODD mod of the year award 2013

Hi fellows,

As the mod is in testing stage for the 2.0.1 compatibility, Moddb is launching it’s yearly contest for the “mod of the Year”.

Last time we were just in time and didn’t get a lot of votes, but this time we should be in the top 100 quite easily (maybe even in top 10 😉 )

So if you have a moddb account and want to give your unique vote to us, we will be extremely pleased !

Here is the link :

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11 thoughts on “MODD mod of the year award 2013

  1. So is there any way for us to get in on this 2.0.1 compatibility testing stage? Also – you have my vote.

  2. SuggestionGuy

    I voted for you.

    Also I have a event idea you may like.
    As most of you probably know Howland Reed saved Eddard Stark at the Tower of Joy when they were fighting the kingsguard. Now there should be some events that pop up during battles for you aswell as your commanders:
    Event 1: Seeing someone about to be slain
    “In the turmoil of the battle you see your fellow bannermen Eddard Stark wounded before the enemy Gerold Hightower, who is raising his sword for the killing blow!”

    Choice 1: I have to save him! (You engage in personal combat with Gerold Hightower or he runs away)
    Choice 2: Goodbye brother… (Eddard dies! You lose 100 prestige and risk (50%) losing the “brave” trait and gaining the “craven” trait).

    Losing against Gerold: You die or are imprisoned! Eddard dies or is imprisoned!
    Winning against Gerold: (Either killing him or imprisoning him) I managed to save Eddard Stark from certain death! After the battle I managed to escort the wounded Eddard to safety after which he thanked me and said he owes me his life.

    Choice 1: Friends for life, what do you say, Eddard? (Gains the trait “Honorable” and becomes friends with Eddard)
    Event 2: Being saved after yielding
    “My enemy Gerold Hightower raises his sword for the killing blow. I am too weak to raise my sword again… Suddenly Howland Reed appears out of nowhere and jumps between me and Gerold, (depending on Gerold’s bravery):
    -who starts sparring with him!
    -who hesitates and runs away in fear!”

    Choice 1:
    -Kill him!
    -Run back to the Tower of Joy, you coward!

    Howland wins or Gerold runs away: My life was saved by the honorable Howland Reed! I am eternally in his debt!

    Choice 1: Friends for life, what do you say, Howland? (becomes friends with Howland, Howland gains the trait “Honorable”)
    Event 3: Killing an enemy
    “I stand before the defeated Eddard Stark when suddenly Howland Reed jumps out of nowhere between me and him!”

    Choice 1: Then I shall slay him aswell! (Starts battle with Howland)
    Choice 2: Better get out of here! (Loses just 10 prestige since he defeated Eddard, who is saved)

    Wether Howland yields or dies fighting, the event where you can imprison eddard or kill him will pop up again. It may look the same but it’s a different one that prevents an enemy from intervening this time. The same event pops up for Howland to prevent an infinite battle crisis. Also there if you manage to save Eddard from Gerold and have to decide what to do with him.

    • dePaz

      I belive suggestions like this one should be posted at the forum. I really liked the idea though.

  3. someanonymousguy

    Voted, you guys are truly deserving on a spot on that list: the Essos expansion might really be one of the most ambitious undertakings ever… undertaken in any modification I’ve ever been party to. Lovely stuff, really.

  4. JohnDillage

    Voted, brilliant mod and can’t wait for more to come (hopefully soon as I stupidly already updated to 2.01 and can’t play agot anymore)

    Top work, thumbs up (Y)


    esos is finish?

  6. SigmarCZ

    Voted for you with pleasure guys. 🙂

  7. deemah

    want essos /drool @______@

  8. Mojokoro

    I voted, hoping that it might help with the withdrawal symptoms, but the shaking just got worse.

    (I am one of those benighted owners of the GamersGate edition.)

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