http://citadel.prophpbb.com/topic4013.html to get it, it fixes some major issues in previous version

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4 thoughts on “[Realease]

  1. Sarah

    I dont know what to do with this setup file after installing.. can someone help me out?

  2. Another_complaining_Fan

    In the next release, can you somehow change it so Daenerys isn’t actually a tyrant (revoking title after title & being hated by all) and get herself killed within the first 5 years of reigning? After all, in Jorahs opinion she would be loved.

    • Floody

      Agreed, Daenerys should have the potential to be a good ruler in the game. “You would only be respected and feared, you would be loved.”

  3. wutwut

    Read the books, she acts much more like a hypocrite there, her family is remembered mainly trough the mad king, and Mormont has his own reasons to claim she would be loved.

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