Wrong versions


As many people were downloading the wrong version, I just updated the download page. Last version is 0.4.6, as featured in a news below.

Latest version is always here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/crusader-kings-2-a-game-of-thrones-ck2agot/downloads

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5 thoughts on “Wrong versions

  1. Rob

    Just something I noticed, Tywin Lannister shouldn’t have Ice in “Clash of Kings” seeing as Ilyn Payne had it until Tywin reforged it. Tywin having Ice makes him better at personal combat then he has any right to be, and he’s frequently killing Robb. So, IDK. Just my suggestion.


      yeah but if the ice is in the hand of payne you cannot regorge ice for the lannisters it’s the only way for a player to use ice

  2. kiwimcb

    characters with high valyrian culture keep marrying their first daughter. i thought valyrian custom was just brothers and sisters?

  3. Cgd11

    I think Paradox have updated now, and that’s why I can not start the mod!
    Thank you for your work!!

  4. gambit

    Yes I’ve had the same problem. Paradox updated the game and I just bought it yesterday! I never had a chance to save an earlier version of the game.

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