Release 0.4.6

Yesterday, paradox published 3 dlc with the 1.102 patch, here is our update that goes with it

Main features:
– Updated mod for patch 1.102

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– The ‘Show me dragons’ decision now displays locations of dragon lairs
– The Maester’s job actions now happen automatically, and the Master of laws can no longer do jobs in the capital province. This makes it impossible to put more than 5 councillors in one province

Character setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
– the Ancestory of many houses adjusted, inluding houses Stark, Arryn, Lannister, Manderly, Cassel, Stout, Poole, Ryswell, Blackwood, Mormont, Serry, Ryger, Dustin, Waterman, Karstark, Smallwood, Waxley, Estermont, Rogers, Grimm, Hornwood, Flint
– Added House Mudd, Teague, Fisher and Justman as ancient Kings of the Trident
– Adjusted the age of Euron (-2) and Victarion (-1) greyjoy
– Mycella and Lancel are no longer lovers in AFFC
– The Lord Commander no longer owns Brandon’s Gift directly, to hopefully prevent the Watch converting to a merchant republic
– Walder frey is more healthy and will live longer
– Gave House Locke and Woolfield extra members in the later book scenarios so House Glover and Manderly respectively don’t inherit their ancestral lands (through the female line) within a mere decade.
– Added House Condon and their history to b_theeagletower. They are now a vassal under the Cerwyns. The canon Kyle Condon is now in.

– The Lord Commander of the Night’s watch can no longer convert provinces or people

Graphics and portraits:
– Added many of talias’ trait icons

– Characters with traits that forbid inheritance will no longer start adventures
– If a character ends up with an off-map title like Meereen it is now off-loaded by event
– the Stranger is no longer a valid god name for event texts
– Several random Black Brothers are now randomly generated at the start of earlier scenarios
– Numerous tentative changes to religion, most of which should only affect Essos. The biggest one for Westeros is a slight heavy cavalry buff for the Seven.

– Fixed Blackhaven history in ACoK and AFFC
– removed some unfinished diplomatic events that could cause wierd vassalisations
– Fixed problem where the establishment of Kingsguard was not working in the Conquest scenario
– A character who inherits dawn will now get the right nickname
– Fixed harrenhal bug
– Fixed event that referred to the Pope and his legate

Links are coming on Moddb and mirrors as I speak

Don’t report bugs here, and go to the citadel a.k.a our dev forum for any question

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15 thoughts on “Release 0.4.6

  1. alex

    Cant wait!

  2. gabriel

    So where is the link ?! over a day since the post!

  3. Matt

    Mine just crashes on startup…. any ideas? Using 1.102 on CK2.

    • Sasha

      Mine is crashing on startup as well! Please let me know if you find a fix!

  4. Aski

    Crash on middle of the game, no reason (does not happen always when I do X, completely random) CK. 1.103 GoT 0.4.6

  5. Kolifa

    I get a crash on startup as well. Oddly the loading messages are in german even though i have the game on english. CK 1.103 and aGoT 0.4.6

  6. ripred42

    Help! My wife moved out and claimed a territory, but I need her to make an heir. How can i get her back to my court?

  7. bob

    Please make A Storm Of Swords sinorio.

  8. Andrew

    Mine keeps crashing on start-up. I have version 1.103. Are there certain DLCs that may cause the game to crash?


    there a bugfix?i got a problem when i change character the game crash

  10. interesting scenario! Pity that there is no way to show off as a blogger other than to put ‘powered by a black Macbook pro’ underneath every blog item. Would probably look just a little bit overdone.

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