Release 0.4.5

Version 0.4.5

Main features:
– Merged changes from 1.101

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– it is no longer possible for adventurers to target realms made independent for the duration of a mega war
– Adventure wars for the Iron Throne will now trigger mega wars
– Fixed problem where if an adventurer was in an off-map court they would not get any troops and have -100% warscore form the start
– If an adventurer is going for an emperor tier title there is now a chance they will gain some dothraki troops under certain circumstances

Character setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
– Dany now loses the Widowed trait in 300, so she can now marry in AFFC. She’s still infertile though!
– adjusted the age of Roose (now born in 255)
– Added characters from “The Lineage and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms” shown in the series. Updated Umbers, Karstarks and Manderlys and the Umbers title history.
– Gave the Flints of Widows Watch a female Hornwood connection. Adjusted the starting Ancestry of all the Flints somewhat. Added young Danny Flint.
– Added a ancestor Tyrion as King of the Rock. Mentioned in the books that his name is that of past Lannister Kings.
– Added Theo Frey who was currently missing from the Frey family. Fixed Jyanna Frey floating in the family tree, made Alys Frey… a Frey. Gave Walder a younger brother, his grandchildren are now Theo, Jyanna and Alys.
– Married Perriane Frey to Ambrose Butterwell.

– A character is now less likely to accept an ultimatum if their liege likes them (they will be able to ask for intervention)

Graphics and portraits:
– Adjusted valyrian, dornish, northman and ironborn gfx to match the portrait fixes from patch 1.101
– Removed identical, duplicate dornish clothing files and linked all dornish cultures to saltdornish clothing and headgear
– Removed naathi gfx and made them use african / muslim gfx as fallback for now

– Fixed bug where the game would CTD in Seven Kingdoms when selecting the dejure kingdom map mode. Fixed by adding uncreatable dejure Kingdoms of Dragonstone and Crackclaw Point.
– Fixed problem where Blackwater Bay wasn’t being properly renamed to King’s Landing after the conquest
– Fixed bug where if Stannis/Shireen lost the war for the Iron Throne they would be given Storms End if Young Griff conquered it
– The Archmaester of the Citadel now actually has a religion/culture in all game starts
– Fixed the Beggar King nickname


To download the build :

To report bugs :

Note : Don’t comment this post with bugs or suggestions, use our forum instead

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5 thoughts on “Release 0.4.5

  1. saint242

    Is the Old Gods DLC required?

  2. Jeff

    Is it compatible with 1.10 version?

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