Release 0.4.4

edit : 12/06

The mod isn’t compatible with 1.101 that has just been released, it was with 1.10

Grab it here :

Don’t use the concillor fix, it seems to cause CTD

Don’t report bugs here, do it on the dev forum. Thanks



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8 thoughts on “Release 0.4.4

  1. Alec

    So if my Crusader Kings updated again today, this mod still won’t work?

  2. madrat4

    Good thing I manage to stop Steam in it’s tracks before the update finished!


    there is a hotfix?or it’s just a beta?

  4. Rob

    I’m slightly annoyed 😦 I wait two weeks with anticipation for the update, and then its released of the day of a new patch… Do you have any guesses when the hotfix will be up?

  5. bob

    will you guys make A STORM OF SWORDS senirea[I think I spelled that wrong]

  6. InflatedSteak

    Any idea when there could be a possible hot-fix?

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