Vanilla update : BEWARE + music

Tomorrow, crusader kings II will get the 1.10 update.

If you want to keep playing the mod and have a Steam version : Copy your crusader kings II folder (before the update) somewhere else on your hard drive.

If you have a Gamersgate version, do the same so you can enjoy both vanilla with latest DLC and the mod.

From tomorrow we will start working on compatibility, it usually takes a week but this update his HUGE.

If people are interested in the changelog it can be read HERE

Last, next update will contain a new music “stannis themed” lasting more than 5 Mn 😉

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32 thoughts on “Vanilla update : BEWARE + music

  1. nedstark

    what about those of us who just got the steam version today? i need this mod!

    • yet another bastard

      I have the exact same Issue my man, Help! I just bought it today!

  2. Eric

    Sigh…I’ll just be sitting here refreshing this page until the fix comes.

  3. Dammit…I got Petyr Baelish within 1 step of being under 30..alive..and a king….with 2 genius sons..and this update screwed me…please please make the mod compatible so I can continue to shank the citizens of my future kingdom lol…

  4. Giacomo

    the awkward moment when you buy the game on the day of a patch release…

    • Danus

      Indeed XD

      • Danus

        Or no wait, even better, a friend just messaged me how to get around this:

        Go to Steam Library -> Crusader Kings 2 properties -> BETAS -> select 1_09 patch -> close the window (no BETA code needed).
        Steam will start downgrading to the previous patch and you can play the mod just fine ^^

      • nedstark

        thank you!!!

    • Giacomo

      Thanks, Danus I just read it!

    • Avionauta

      @Danus, you’re my hero

  5. Stranger92

    Damn, man, you made my day! I’ve purchased the game right on the day the patch was released, and now I can finally play it! Thank you terribly much! ^_^

  6. You Danus, are a Gentleman and a Scholar.

  7. Mace Windell

    Danus, I love you and wanna make babies with you

  8. EdricDayne

    Danus my friend if this works, I will find you and I will kiss you. steam sale on a patch day they have a sense of houmor dont they?

  9. wololo


  10. Jonny

    any idea how to fix it if I purchased the game through Macgamestore?

  11. Halp

    Danus– What if under Betas, there are no patches available? How do I get patch 1.09? (I bought the game on like 5/27)

    • Danus

      Sorry, no clue. Restart Steam perhaps? I bought the game on the 27th too (but before the patch, since it was only on the 28th that I had to move to the beta), could select the beta just fine :/

  12. Scruffy


  13. Vahn Frahnkensteen

    The Danus Solution works!

  14. walrus

    I don’t have any options under BETAS. Just bought ck2 today specifically for this mod, am I gonna be able to play it?

  15. Avionauta

    I bought the game on Steam sales too, I was afraid to buy another game which was just parked on my hard drive.
    I’ve fallen in love with it!!!
    It’s one of the most engaging games I’ve ever playd, so far I’ve playd 31 hours + 3 on demo and I’ve read almost every guides I found online (I never read game manual), I’ve seen tons of tutorial and LP on youtube.

    And I look forward playing this mod, thanks guys for the SUPER job you’re doing!!!

  16. Farnsworth

    Short question – I realize that this might be very early, but do you guys plan to include features from “Old Gods”. Not surprisingly many seem perfect for the Iron Islands.

  17. Alexander

    Good day! I have followed the Danus instructions, downgraded the patch etc, and then the start screen of the game has indeed appeared. I was happy, but when I tried to start playing (I tried different scenarios), the game crashed each time, when it tried to “adapt history”. What can be the problem?

  18. Roland

    Man, when will a 1.10 version of this mod come out….i am dying to try this mod!!!

    • Roland

      atleast give me an ETA….please it will help me sleep better!!

  19. Thank you, Danus, I was finally able to play this mod!

    The amount of detail is amazing! I started playing as the Freys (because if I lose, it won’t feel that bad), and I now have relatives married to Tommen, Myrcella, Robin Arryn, Robb (yeah, he actually married Roslin!), Edmure and Loras, and Stevron Frey is married to Sansa Stark. This is the greatest mod ever, a thousand times better than any GoT game that has been released! I also feel a little happy for there being no Red Wedding.

  20. Ian

    Danus’ fix didn’t work for me. Booo.

  21. Rob

    They should actually integrate a Red Wedding-esque event. If you could pull it off, it could lead to some pretty amazing games. Or, just betrayal-type events, where you can kill or capture guests that come to your feasts and weddings, as a plot. I don’t know if it would work, but it would be truly, truly, amazing.

  22. Dogz

    ETA Pretty pretty please~~

  23. Romero

    Well, before Danus’s fix, I was able to select scenario/character and the game would crash when “Adapting Story” was on. But after it the game won’t even load the main page without crashing… Boy, that sucks. Any other suggestions?

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