New hotfix for 0.4.3

Fixes some nasty CTD bugs with valyria quest, as well as some event looping and french localisation

To install, unzip over your game of thrones folder in my documents/paradox/crusader kings II/mods

Note that the hotfix is included in every download now.

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5 thoughts on “New hotfix for 0.4.3


    it works^^


    -_-‘not completly
    when you send all your consul tu do their job the game crash

    • Davewalker

      You cannot send more than five councillors into one province. It’s a known problem with the base game, not with the Mod.

  3. Phoenician in a time of Romans

    Discovered a possible error after creating a Republic in Westeros – the Republic buildings don’t seem to affect trading post limits (Palaces), and trading posts don’t give a CB for seizing coastal cities. is it possible that when you modded the building chain for standard buildings (GREAT by the way, compensates for lack of technology well), you forgot to clone the effects of Republic buildings from Vanilla to GoT?

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