Dev Diary : Essos 1

Hi all, it’s almost a year to the day since the mod was released, and I hope we can all agree we have come some way since then when all we had was Robert’s rebellion to entertain us! But of course we have plans for the future.

Some of you may have noticed cabezaestufa hasn’t done the usual updating. Unfortunately due to RL commitments he has stepped down as project leader. I (Knuckey) have taken on this role, but cabe has used his amazing map making talents to leave us a rather nice parting gift:


Yes, we are adding Essos And as you can see progress has been coming along quite well. The map contains everything from Westeros to Qarth, and Sothoryos to Far Ibb. This continent has been more arduous to recreate than Westeros, mainly due to the lack of canon information compared to Westeros. We have had to essentially make up many province and title names, as well as the free city dynasties.

Here is a look at the dejure kingdom setup:


Each of the Free Cities, and Slaver’s Bay realms, shall be portrayed using The Republic DLC mechanics, each with 5 ‘patrician’ families and the ability to establish trade posts.

Obviously this means you will need the DLC to play as them. However The Summer Islands have also been completed, and they are a feudal realm:


Now only the history setup has been partially down thus far, so there aren’t any unique mechanics done yet. However some ideas have been started to be thought out, e.g. Aegon will be able to choose to unify The Free Cities rather than Westeros:



Ruins shall also be modelled in some way, possibly with the ability to colonise them:


Note The Rhoyne shall be navigable upto Norvos and Qohor. Also we will almost certainly make a unique shield for ruins, so they are easily distinguishable.

That’s all we have for now. For the initial release, the Free Cities, Slaver’s Bay and The Summer Islands are likely to be all there is. But we do intend to fill the entire map, including Ibb, Qarth, Sothoryos and other obscure places. Of course The Dothraki shall be implemented in some way and we do have a basic plan for them, but that probably deserves its own full explanation later on. Release date is unknown for now, almost certainly not in the next release for the Old Gods.


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9 thoughts on “Dev Diary : Essos 1

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    I hope to lead the free cities there is not the system that mentioned free version of the DLC bug republic because they no longer work since the last update su game (if you experience a trick to repair the same problems of DLC does not work please send me the trick) and then the free cities will be managed as night watch , then the ruins will be just part of the decor?

  3. Thring

    This is an amazing Mod, I just downloaded 0.4.3 and I am blown away by this game and as a Fan of both the TV show book I’ve been waiting for a good GOT game out, and this is it . the level of accurate detail is exactly right compared to the maps from “The lands of Ice and Fire”. Thank you so much and keep up the good work

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  5. SigmarCZ

    That looks just fantastic! Just a quick question, is Essos inculded in 0.4.3 version of mod?

  6. BronnBlackwater

    Will we have the Prince of Pentos executed after he loses a war? Also, will you be able to realistically render the Triarchy of Volantis? The huge role of slavery in the Free Cities economy?

  7. Jon

    Will you be adding the children of the forest in an age of hero’s type scenario?

  8. That’s excellent news, I hope we’ll have the chance to experience it soon !
    I’ve currently finished my playthrough as the Reynes of Castamere, and to be honest, when you manage to conquer the iron throne, there’s not really any challenges left. I hope this expansion will give something fresh, and add more tension to every playthrough since you know you can be invaded from the outside at any moment if you’re not careful 😛
    Some suggestions :
    – Be extremely careful to the balance between the united seven kingdoms and the strenght of all the city states and individual eastern powers. One thing that would help is keeping the lack of ships for Westeros, and adding a lot more naval mobility for eastern powers, but at the cost of weaker land troops. It can be tricky, but I’m sure you’ll manage !
    – Add deep slavery options, like multiple events, rebellions when you’re being too harsh or not careful, the ability to abolish slavery and everything and the consequences it would have (boost for army moral ? Financial penalties before a new economic system is established ? Diplomatic problems with powers that still have slavery ? Ability to wage war on every power that uses slavery ? Possibilities are huge !)
    – Give us more amazing quests, like the one you have to do when you’re looking for a valyrian sword ! It’s SO rewarding when you manage to find one after so many perils, suffering, sometimes pain and wounds for your character, and this enigma at the end. It could perhaps emphasize a bit more on options given to the traits of the character : a, skilled fighter, martial badass with duelist lifestyle could maybe triomph to this frightening guardian without being wounded, but a good diplomat could try to convince him to let him pass, and a sneaky character with high level of intrigue could try to pass through him without being seen, etc… I think you should keep the risk of dying to a bare minimum, but make sure that all the quests CHANGE deeply the character, with harsh choices, difficult dilemnas, and overall a big potential for gaining or losing traits.
    – In the same way, give us more interactive events influenced by our skills. We have the ordalies, the duels in battles, or the tournaments for your excellently implemented fighting skills : we could have negotiations of new trade deals and choices between differents investments ,with multiple outcomes, for our economic skills, but often with a higher chances to succeed (not like the “mining event”, which is a good idea but too random and not rewarding for players who chooses to educate their character that way) ; Overall, more interactive, traits based and rewarding events, with as many outcomes as possible.

    For Westeros now, I think you should give more manpower to the wildlings, right now it’s impossible to play correctly with them. Give us the ability to raise a big army after fighting for decades to become the king beyond the wall : maybe it could still stay difficult to assemble a huge force when you’re only a little magnar, but as soon as you become king, an option could appear : Attack the wall, and try to invade the North behind it, or deciding to rule over your people as long as you’re king, building more structures in the eventuality of a future invasion with stronger troops. If you decide to attack, you could add some stuff : peace wouldn’t be allowed as long as a winner hasn’t emerged, but you get TONS of troops, like multiple armies, to siege the wall, and then try to attack Winterfell 🙂

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