[Release] Version 0.4.3

Last version was downloaded more than 50 000 times (new record)

Links can be found in the Mod db page (see the links in the pannel ->)

Patch 0.4.3 Notes
Nothing too major in this release, but there are plenty of additions to try before The Old Gods, as well as the usual numerous fixes.

  • Added a Quest to Valyria event chain
  • Finally added mechanics to improve base value buildings on your castle holdings.
  • New R’hllor magic options
  • Blackfyre Rebellion re-balanced

Version 0.4.3

Main features:
– Added a Quest to Valyria event chain
– Finally added mechanics to improve base value buildings on your castle holdings.
– New R’hllor magic:
– R’hllor devotees who sacrafice a person can now protect self/kin/landed vassals from murder and death in battle.
– Those favored by r’hllor can cure the wounds/disease/illness of self/kin/landed vassals after a sacrafice is made
– Those chosen by r’hllor can cure disfigurements of self/kin/landed vassals after a sacrafice is made
– Chosen by r’hllor is now unique to the world
– Lightbringer is now unique to the world with a method of obtainment for chosen by rhllor
– Blackfyre Rebellion re-balanced

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
– Added a decision to create cadet houses for bastards
– Characters in debt can now borrow gold off their vassals
– The Iron Throne is now in debt to Lannister, Tyrells and The Faith from Robert’s reign
– If a character defaults on a loan to the Iron Bank the bank will now seek to fund their enemies
– Robert/Joffrey/Tommen now start in debt to the Iron Bank
– Merged the employ character decisions into one decision that triggers an event, to reduce clutter
– Added a summer fair flavor event (for tom) to let a random courtier sit on your dragon 50/50 death or friend.
– Introduce a new fashion at court. Lunatics will impliment eyepatches at a -20 opinion for 5 years.
– If a character gets wounded in battle there is now a small chance they will lose an eye and gain an eyepatch
– A character is now more likely to successfully tame dragons if their parents are siblings
– Revised event where you decide to become lovers with your spouse. Added an option so you don’t neccessarily have to choose between adultery and becoming lovers.
– Added decisions for Dany to give her spare dragons to her spouse/children
– When a dragon establishes a lair if their location already has a lair they will make one in a random location
– Removed Tyrell event referring to Margaery’s marriage to Renly in AFFC
– Any two characters who are enemies can now duel in battle, not just war leaders (thanks to ricardo silva)
– Added a couple of Direwolf related battle events
– It is now possible to acknowledge female bastards
– Added decisions where bastard kings can legitimise themself and bastard Lords can ask their King for legitimisation
– Added a plot where you can press the claims of your kin in other realms against their liege
– A human player can now be the judge in a trial by court if they are castellan
– If you own Sunset Invasion and activate it when loading the mod, strange things may happen.
– Tywin can choose his heir once over 45
– Added an event that checks the player is using the latest vanilla patch

Character setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
– Added traits to Rickard, Brandon, and Lyanna Stark to make them resemble their actual characters. Also made Lyanna a Trained Fighter due to her fighting off the
tourney squires with a practice sword and practicing her swordplay with Benjen.
– Made both the Greatjon and the Smalljon “Huge”, as they are roughly seven feet tall. Also made the Greatjon’s brothers “Strong” and gave them traits.
– Gave the Greatjon’s brothers BEARDS, and assigned Brandon (brother of Eddard) and Rickard Stark portraits.
– Myrcella is no longer congenitally ugly
– Added Robert Strong
– Added Tyrion’s High Septon and the High Sparrow
– Made Bloodraven of the Old Gods religion, also gave him some more traits and an eyepatch
– Made some adjustments to Waynwoods
– Added more detailed history for Lothor Brune
– Made Fat Walda Frey actually fat
– Fixed gap between Lyonel and Steffon Baratheons’s reigns
– Catelyn no longer has the widowed trait before Ned’s death
– Made Jon Snow and Allister Thorne rivals, also made Thorne a bit more despisable
– Moved Gendel and Gorne to be Kings Beyond the Wall after Bael the Bard as per canon.
– Added relevant title history to Beyond the Wall provinces to make Bael, Gendel and Gorne playable during their time as King Beyond the Wall.
– Gave Tommen a temporary fertility malus upon marrying Margaery

Province and title setup:
– Merged the Eyrie’s waycastles into the main holding and gave the Eyrie a special building. This now makes the Eyrie the fortress it’s supposed to be.
– It is now possible to usurp Kingdoms if you have enough of it’s territory to do so
– If Stannis wins AFFC, the Dornish Marches and Riverlands now get reorganised
– If Littlefinger dies before the Riverrun siege is resolved the Riverlands and Harrenhal now revert to the crown

– AI Ironborn Kings should now usually prefer the Invasion CB to the Raid CB
– It is no longer possible to capture rulers after sieging their secondary holdings, unless their capital is already occupied
– Gave Robert Arryn some prestige upon gaining the Vale, to stop constant Harry the Heir factions.
– It is no longer possible to try the prison break assasination twice in quick succession on a character
– If the King grants a character a LP title during a mega war their alignment is now is reset, so they are more likely to support the king
– Slightly reduced Euron’s starting army in the Shield Isles in AFFC
– Static modifiers for conquering different relgroup/culturegroup reduced to 50% levy/reinforce.
– Cripples can no longer win in duels. Made them far less likely to actually get in one and also gave them an offensive morale malus when leading troops
– A player can now ask his liege for transfer of a de jure vassal is mtth 8 months as opposed to 80.
– It is no longer possible for rebels (usually wildling rebels) to take people prisoner after a siege
– Removed the monthly prestige malus for holding a wedding
– Family person trait opposite is now kinslayer in addition to selfish
– AI not mroe likely to choose a kill plot targeting a kinslayer if same dynasty and not trusting.
– The AI is now far less likely to declare war on dragon riders if they themself dont have a dragon
– AI can now create kill plots against people who attempted to arrest them
– Increased further the AI’s max counter invasion distance, to try and stop them parking their armies on the beach as much
– The mega war resolution events no longer occur after a successful independence war
– Court Jester minor title now gives a -10 general opinion as opposed to -10 ruler opinion that can be achieved through insult. Loc in agot.csv

Graphics and portraits:
– Added the missing CoA for House Harlton (rpg). We didn’t have the clean version of the old one so I re-made it.
– Added some silver hair and purple eyes to the Dayne’s DNA

– The AI will now take into account whether the belligerent’s capital is occupied when deciding sides in a mega war
– Changed “Dracarys” to “Drakarys”. This is the correct orthography according to Official ASOIAF Languages Guy David Peterson.
– Removed the unfinished kill dragon plot that was mistakenly added
– Removed all remaining dynasty trackers and replaced them with new dynasty = x trigger
– it is no longer possible to issue punishment to a wife that is higher in rank than you in the polygamy murder events. Also added opinion modifiers to the various outcomes in those events
– Adjusted the way Kings are vassalised by Dragon Conquest/De Jure claim, so that they retain the dejure vassals of only their primary title
– A Young Griff controlled by the AI is now forbidden to marry for the duration of his invasion, to stop him marrying some lowborn idiot
– Brought archer numbers from militia training grounds to the appropriate new building value at 10/30/60% per tier.
– Wildlings will no longer ask to take the Black

– fixed typo in Balon Acok event and in a reaving event
– Fixed Jeyne ‘Arya’ being the daughter of Maekar Targaryen just before AFFC
– Fixed bug with Nightswatch event where the Lord Commander would be spammed with a demand to hand back titles to the watch
– Fixed Rickard Karstark being listed as Lord of Karhold at the AFFC selection screen
– Fixed bug where if you successfully won a war to rescue a prisoner, the plot would merely be cancelled rather than fulfilled
– Removed Blackfyre Rebellion events with no localisation
– Fixed a case of mega war event spam when the King is called into a war of a Lord Paramount ally.
– Fixed problem in independence faction wars where if the leader declared themself King and their heir is the defender, if they died mid war any allies wouldnt be revassalised and their new Kingdom would persist
– Made some fixes to address mega war problem where after a successful invasion/claim war a character may be erroneously flagged as being part of the iron throne
– Fixed problem where Stannis could get an event declaring war on ‘Stannis Lannister’ if he inherited the Throne from Renly in ACOK
– Fixed the ‘your ward is honorable’ event
– Removed Littlefinger’s dual education traits
– Fixed independent Blue Fork in Seven Kingdoms scenario
– Fixed problem where when granting a LP title to a vassal a character would sometimes get claims on the new LP’s titles
– Fixed the weaken fellow vassal plot
– Fixed problem where sometimes if a kingdom was usurped in a claim war dejure vassals would not transfer
– Added missing plots to job action uncover plots
– Fixed the demand prisoners from vassal decision
– Fixed the occurance of a 40000 year old James Valkyn in Seven Kingdoms bookmark
– Fixed the decisions to pass on swords to your children not being usable
– Fixed Joffrey inheriting Summerhall before Robert dies
– Fixed the children of Kings not being referred to as Prince/Princess
– Fixed Baelor Blacktyde not converting to the Seven.
– Fixed an instance of the family member requests title event looping
– Fixed the demand installment of claimant decision

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13 thoughts on “[Release] Version 0.4.3

  1. Fred

    I can´t fin the file that i should download, only 0.4.2

    Btw, after installed 0.4.2 my game started to chrasch.
    Anything that i done wrong?

  2. Meatballs

    ^ I’m in the same boat. Had major lag dumping issues after installing 0.4.2, had to go back to Is there a link available yet for 0.4.3? Really keen on trying out some of these new scenarios.

  3. cookie123

    The crashed when I choose pacify province.

  4. I cant move my units ? what now 😦


    4.3?but the lastest version is 4.6

  6. I am having issues with my levy reinforcing. I am king of the Rock and my personal demesne levy is 14k. However, it was reduced down to less than 1k in war. It has been 10 years in game now and my demesne levy is still at only 1500 of 14k. Is this supposed to happen?

  7. Jodobi

    Will the mod possibly be seperated into 3 different mods?
    -One with only Westeros
    -One with both Westeros and Essos
    -One with only Essos

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