Beware steam users : update is coming 14th


As you know, the mod won’t be compatible with the next update before some days

If you want to keep playing CK2:AGOT mod

It appears that turning of steam updates doesn’t work 100 %, so you need to copy your folder (before the update) elsewhere and just launch the game from this folder.

It works because Paradox doesn’t put DRM on their games, so with that move :

  • You can play normal ck2 with latest patch and DlC’s
  • You can play A game of thrones with 1.08 (current version)
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11 thoughts on “Beware steam users : update is coming 14th

  1. The only 100% sure way to avoid updating is to play in offline mode, with your comp disconnected from the net.

  2. Mouthkillah

    Any idea when it’ll be up and running again. Just started a vacation and dying to play

  3. I unfortunately didn’t see this before it was too late. 😦 I guess… I could go back to the normal CK2… But I love this mod so much!

  4. Mouthkillah

    I like the update and playing the source conent is pretty cool, but I’m still dying inside. First world problems. Please respond ASAP

  5. Amyus

    I just wanted to say what an incredible piece of work your mod is and how grateful I am that you’ve shared it. I’ve had a huge amount of fun, satisfaction and surprise out of it so far and can’t wait to see where else you take a project of such scale and scope.

    And as I was taken by surprise by that last Steam update, I also can’t wait for the next edition and a chance to find out what happens after a Wildling successfully conquers the Iron Throne… Paradox left me on a bit of a cliffhanger there!

    Good luck and thanks again.

  6. I bought CK2 just for your mod. Keep up the great work! My bad luck that I bought the game after the latest update made the mod incompatible. Please be sure to post news as soon as the updated mod comes out so I can play it!

  7. Marcus

    Does anyone know how to roll back changes?

  8. MouthKillah

    Update looks up and ready. Tomorrow…. Tomorrow. These words are not wind

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