About CK2 version 1.08

Here we are, yesterday Paradox released their Sunset invasion DLC with 1.08 patch.

The patch itself is full of fixes, always welcome, and is allowing us to make female generals.

We are working on compatibility for now, it shouldn’t be long at all.

While you’re waiting, I’ll give you some changes likely to come (yes, we can always remove/change/add things until release)

Applied the African portraits to the summer islanders

Added some mercenary ship companies, the AI seems to behave reasonably with them in

Gifts are now actually useful/more effective

The North now has a small fleet in White Harbor

Improved factions

Added an event where wives can develop expensive tastes (Jorah Mormont-like)

Dragons can no longer be used in battle in the deserts and mountains of Dorne

Added a Septon trait

Added the option to execute people by feeding them to dragons

Added ‘Priest’ court position with an action to convert populace

Re-enabled Excommunication

Added a coronation event/decision

Added an event that informs every one of the new Lord Commander of the Nights Watch

Gave a few ships to the Nights Watch at Eastwatch-by-the-sea

Cheers, 0.3.3 is coming soon.

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7 thoughts on “About CK2 version 1.08

  1. Very cool. I’m actually really excited about the north having some ships now.Great job guys.

  2. Jorian

    Please make Alester Sarwyck a follower of R’hllor in the scenarios after the throne goes to House Baratheon (if not done yet), thanks

  3. Fred

    Do you know when 0:3:3 is going to be ready? šŸ™‚

  4. Fer

    Do you know when 0:3:3 is going to be ready?

  5. Great. Really thank you for this interesting mod.

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