0.3.2 is here

Sorry a bit late to come on the blog, wont happen again.

Download A Game of Thrones v0.3.2 (Windows): HERE
Download A Game of Thrones v0.3.2 (Mac): HERE

Checksum: ZWAH
Compatible with: CK2 1.07b
Warning: This is a BETA version, so it might (in fact, it will most likely) contain bugs and unfinished features!

The installation procedure for the mod has changed! The mod files must now be copied to the /mod subfolder in the same Paradox/Crusader Kings II folder as your saved games. Windows users have been provided with an installer that performs this function automatically, while Mac users can find detailed installation instructions here.

Make sure you delete your old mod files before installing or unzipping the new version! Yes, this includes the ones in the old mod folder.

In a land where summers last for years and winters last for decades, nine great families struggle for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Take control of a noble house, from the Starks of Winterfell to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, and win the Iron Throne!

But remember, winter is coming.

Patch 0.3.2 Notes
It's been a while coming, but 0.3.2 is finally here! This is primarily a compatibility update, allowing you to play the mod with CK2 1.07, but we've also added three new scenarios from Westeros's ancient history. The Seven Kingdoms allows you to experience an alternate history where Aegon the Conqueror never united Westeros, while War of Conquest allows you to either try to recreate his conquests, or defeat him. Finally, After the Spring is set in 211, in the aftermath of the devastating Blackfyre Rebellion. King Aerys I reigns and the notorious Lord Bloodraven serves as his Hand, while the son of Daemon Blackfyre plots to avenge his father and fulfill his claim to the Iron Throne.

Warning: The Crowned Stag scenario is currently the victim of an extremely strange bug, which causes Dorne and the Reach to be independent if the scenario is loaded immediately after loading any of the new scenarios. If you experience this bug, you can fix it on the game setup screen by selecting Robert's Rebellion, then selecting The Crowned Stag again.

Version 0.3.2

Main features:
- The mod is now compatible with 1.07b.
- Added a pre-conquest 'Seven Kingdoms' scenario.
- Added an Aegon's Landing scenario.
- Added a 'After the Spring' bookmark for 8211.

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Lesser Lords can now choose sides mid civil war.
- If the Starks win the war they now have some choice on what to do with the Iron Throne, either give it to Stannis, to Renly, claim it themselves (if ambitious) or just go home and leave a power vacuum.
- Added some vengeance events for Robb if he wins ACoK.
- Added Royal Proclamations for all Kingdoms.
- Added a few ironborn related events.
- Added a Kraken related reaving event.
- Added comradebot's Farwynd skinchanger stuff (Sea Lions and Whales).
- Skingchanger Chain new animal companions: Eagle, Shadow Cat, Boar, Snow Bear, Direwolf.
- Blackfyres can now get the blood of the dragon event.
- Updated 'Become a Knight' ambition icon to current knight trait.
- Merged CK2+ plots : kidnapping/force rebellion/fabricate evidences of treason.
- Now Bolton can skin their prisonners/ Lannister can hang / Vale can make the little man fly / Ironborn can drown (flavour).
- Free cities guy can castrate their prisonners, and the iron throne can blind if they have the dlc.
- Re-added the Become Councillor ambitions.
- Updated plot AI to account for ambitions.
- Added a decision for indep faction leaders to defect to an enemy invader under certain circumstances.
- Added a decision to form the Iron Throne if it is vacant. You need 4 Kingdoms to do so.
- Can no longer get reading about dragons event if there are dragons in the family.
- Improved Dragon inheritance: e.g. if your heir already has a dragon another child will get your dragon.
- Added an event where you can obtain another dragon egg from your dragon.
- Added a decision to bestow spare eggs upon your family members.
- Taming a dragon is now much more likely to be successful if it was inherited.
- Optimised seasons events a bit.
- Added possibility to disinherit your heir if he has bad traits AND you don't like him AND you have other children.

Character setup:
- All houses now have ancestors!
- Added a few nicknames which can be gained whilst reaving.
- Added Westeros wiki links for all Targaryens.
- Added Arlan of Pennytree and his family.
- Updated Dunk's history.
- Buffed Baelor Breakspear a bit.
- Added a few traits to some Targs, Made Maekar Lord of Summerhall.
- Gave Egg a Dragon Egg and made him a squire.
- Added Humfrey Hardyng, connected him to the Beesburys.
- Made Baelor breakspear and sons western valyrian (black hair).
- Added DNA for all canon Targaryens.
- Stark children now have Direwolf. Varamyr Sixskins has wolf, direwolf, shadowcat and snow bear.
- Beyond the Wall populated with canon wildlings.
- Yoren's employer set to Jantos Qorgyle so that he will start in NW and not in random Northern court.
- Ollo Lophand added to Castle Black.
- Lancel now has Jaime's dna to prevent him having black hair and is mentioned in the books to looks like Jaime.
- Stafford Lannister now has same dna as his son Daven to give him golden hair.
- Gendry and Edric Storm now have same dna as Renly so they will look like a young Robert.
- Aerion Brightflame now has Rhaegar's dna so he looks more like he should.
- Euron Greyjoy now has Jon Snow's dna so he will have a beard and blue eyes.
- Serenei of Lys (Shiera Seastar's mother) added.
- Lysene/volantene now have valyriangfx appearance.
- Free Cities Populated with canon characters
- Removed celibate from Oberyn, as it doesnt stop him and Arianne marrying
- Varys is an Eunuch now.
- Removed most of fertility lines in traits since "cannot mary" does what we want now.
- Decoupled the bastard trait from Nightswatch, kingsguard and maester traits. Renamed bastard/divested trait to bastard, removed bastard trait from historical KG/NW members.
- After being subjugated, you can no longer join an indep faction for 10 years.
- Added a valyrian religion.
- Fleshed out Garlan the Gallant a bit.
- Mellisandre/patchface are no longer silver haired.
- If Arya is located in ACoK she now has a weak claim on the North.
- Added Brandon Snow.
- House Plumm given HL of Kayce until their demise.
- Added the Valyrian sword Dark Sister.
- Scripted most Hands of the Kings.
- Ruined even more tywin's relation with tyrion (was at 36 in acok, now -75).

Province and title setup:
- Fixed title historys of Riverspring, Castlewood and Hornwood.
- Fixed Iron Queen/Storm Queen titles.
- Gave the Swanns the HL of Red Watch instead of Carons.
- Added prince/princess titles for grandchildren of Kings.
- Put a large castle in Castamere for the Reynes, destroyed in Tywin's time.
- Added title "King's Justice" (with a bit of code that should favorise Ylin).

- Relaxed the conditions to be eligible to be chosen for the Kingsguard slightly; if noone meets the conditions, the King will now have the option of picking from trained warriors or better.
- Prohibited use of ironborn raid CB against wildlings, unless they are KBTW.
- Raised opinion of KG to king.
- Decreased martial from wroth trait.
- Reduced call to war delay from 5 years to one.
- Nerfed Storms'end (still has mega fort level) and increased the wall's fort level.
- If the claimant in your claim faction is under your liege's control, you now need to either invite them to your court or kidnap them before you can declare war.
- Can no longer faction for independence or crown authority if your liege is temporarily independent in a mega war.
- Lords and High lords wont issue an indep ultimatum against the Iron Throne mid mega war now, as they will probably be smashed after the mega war.
- Now dwarves have a -10 general opinion malus.
- If as the King, you revoke a rebel's primary title they are now taken prisoner rather than a hostage taken.

Graphics and portraits:
- New Coat of Arms: Qoherys, Strong, Harroway, Towers, Lothston, Mudd, Toyne.
- Quite a few portraits for canon characters.
- Added Indigo and Lilac as possible High Valyrian eye colours.
- Western Valyrians now have a chance of having silver hair/purple eyes.
- Changed the KG trait icon to the plain white shield.
- Added some decision icons

- Added a Dragon Conquest CB, which can be used by Dragon Riders to conquer independent realms a la Aegon I. The defender has the option of surrendering at the start.
- Now retinues have westerosi names and attributes.

- KG maintenance event will now remove KG title from a Lord or King who somehow gains it.
- Fixed duels curing maiming.
- Fixed mega war looping event (rejoin King's wars).
- Added the Mac friendly trait icons.
- Can no longer request a trial by combat if captured during a siege.
- Tweaked AI in several placed related to factions.

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  2. Charles

    My game crashes when I click Council button. I have all DLC, dunno if that matters, and if it does, which do i disable in order to play the game?

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